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Apple Watch

How to track your menstrual cycle with an Apple Watch

Key Takeaways Apple Watch Cycle Tracking can help women monitor menstrual cycles. iPhone can set up Cycle Tracking, but Apple Watch S8 & higher provide more tools for better predictions. Cycle Tracking app can’t prevent pregnancy or diagnose issues, but its data can be shared with healthcare providers. With a wealth of different sensors built […]

This iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch app will supercharge your workouts

I know my way around the gym. I’ve tried heavy lifting, HIIT, cardio, and everything else, so I’m clued up on how the equipment works and I’ve tried various workout plans over the years.  Right now, I have no set plan, which has suited me well as I’ve been travelling and moving between random small […]

Apple Watch Pauses During Workout: Why + How to Fix

Many people buy their Apple Watches to help them go above and beyond in their workouts. Most of the time, you’ll have no problems using your device while you run, lift weights, do burpees, or whatever it is you enjoy doing. But what happens if your Apple Watch pauses during a workout and does so […]

watchOS 10.4: Unable To Check for Update? Here’s a Fix

Some users are reporting that they are receiving an “unable to check for update” error while attempting to install watchOS 10.4. I recently had to help a friend with this issue, and while it can be frustrating, I was able to fix it on their Apple Watch Ultra. Let’s dive into your options. How to […]

Apple Watch Dim at Night? Fix It with These Solutions

Is your Apple Watch too dim at night? Fortunately, a solution is available. I was recently having problems with an Apple Watch Series 9, and I found that I wasn’t alone. Fortunately, Apple has addressed these issues with a new update, and there’s some things you can do even without updating. Let’s take a look. […]

How to Download Spotify Podcasts on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a smart watch that can work as a mini smartphone on your wrist. Like Spotify on your iPhone, you can download songs and podcasts directly onto your watch. Provided your Watch has that much space. And when it does, you can enjoy podcasts later without syncing your Watch with your iPhone […]

Apple Watch Overheating After watchOS 10.4 Update? Try This

Is your Apple Watch overheating after the watchOS 10.4 update? You are not alone. Many users are encountering heating problems on their watch, making it difficult to wear for a long period. An overheating watch can be problematic since it can lead to severe burning marks on your wrists.  However, a simple method resolves this […]

How to Get Rid of Now Playing on Apple Watch?

Unable to turn off Now Playing on Apple Watch error? This minor bug can cause battery drain issues, accidental touches can play media, and you might even see some annoying pop-ups. If the “Now Playing” interface is lingering on your Apple Watch longer than desired, then this guide can help you indefinitely. Check out easy […]

How to use your Apple Watch with Apple Fitness Plus

One of the best ways to use your Apple Watch is with an Apple Fitness Plus subscription. Even though Fitness Plus has the biggest library of high-definition, multi-discipline workout content around, audio-only and onscreen, it’s the watchOS integration that really separates Apple Fitness Plus from the multitude of other workout content services out there.  No […]

6 Fixes for AirPods Pro Static Noise In One Ear

Are your AirPods Pro making static noise in one ear? It’s a common issue that has been around for several years now—various users worldwide hear static and crackling sounds in their AirPods. Fortunately, I found a few simple methods that worked for me and fixed the problem. Let’s check out all the solutions in this […]