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This iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch app will supercharge your workouts

I know my way around the gym. I’ve tried heavy lifting, HIIT, cardio, and everything else, so I’m clued up on how the equipment works and I’ve tried various workout plans over the years. 

Right now, I have no set plan, which has suited me well as I’ve been travelling and moving between random small gyms, hotel gyms or outdoor gyms with access to very little equipment. But all of a sudden I’ve felt very little motivation for these free and easy workouts. I think it’s time I find a plan again, and I’m starting with Workout Planner & Gym Tracker.
This app is made by the same team behind Couch to 5K Runner, one of the most popular running program apps, and I like that it tailors a workout routine to you, takes into account your experience and your equipment and gives you expert guidance, so you always know what you’re doing.
As well as planning your workouts for you, the Workout Planner & Gym Tracker app lets you track all of your exercises and your reps, and you can use it on your iPad for maximum screen space, or your iPhone so you don’t have to take any extra tech to the gym or even on your Apple Watch for easy tracking from your wrist.
Get a personalized training planWhen you first sign up to Workout Planner & Gym Tracker you input details about your stats, your experience and, importantly, the sort of gym you’re at and the equipment you have available. It’ll then create a plan especially for you.

I find it really demoralizing to have a workout plan that relies on loads of equipment I don’t have. This way my plan is tailored to the exact machines, equipment and accessories I’ll have to hand. And the good news is you can change these preferences if you travel.
The plan is laid out over the course of 6 weeks and you can specify how many days a week you want to workout. Click through to your workouts and you’ll see all of the details about recommended number of reps, as well as the correct technique. 
There’s a ‘progress’ tab, which is where all of your workouts live, as well as some cool stats, like the number of workouts you’ve completed in total, how many hours you’ve spent at the gym, and the total weight you’ve lifted. You can even add measurements and before photos to document your journey. 
Workout Planner & Gym Tracker is aimed at all levels, but I think it would be particularly handy for those who have some workout experience and need more structure and guidance to take their fitness up a level.

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