Fitness toolkit: build an exercise routine with your iPhone

Have your Apple kit make you move around rather than stay rooted to the screen Smartphones have a reputation for sucking the life out of people. You spend countless hours staring at – and occasionally swiping – a screen. Meanwhile, you sink into the sofa, while your entire being atrophies. OK, that’s a touch hyperbolic, […]

View a Friend’s Location Using Apple Watch

Did you know you can view your friend’s location with an Apple Watch? Not only that, but you can also setup notifications so that you can know when your friends are leaving or returning from somewhere. Additionally, you can also let your friends know where you are in thanks to the Apple Watch. Finding the […]

How to change your Apple Watch face

Apple provides a huge selection of faces that can be found in the Face Gallery section of the Watch app on your iPhone.  Your first job is to find the one you want. This might take a minute or two, given how many are available. Once you find the theme or collection you’d like to […]

Apple Watch Keyboard Input Notification Keeps Popping Up?

Apple Watch keyboard input notification on iPhone Apple Watch Keyboard input notification won’t stop on iPhone? Banner keeps popping up although you’re obviously not needing your iOS keyboard to input text on your Apple Watch? You’re not alone! Apple Watch Keyboard Input Keeps Popping Up? This unexpected behavior has been reported by Francesca: “Apple Watch […]

15 Best Apple Watch Ultra Tips and Tricks 

Apple Watch Ultra is a piece of art. The product’s design maximizes utility, and its distinctive looks help it stand out from the rest of the Apple Watch lineup and other smartwatches. If I may take the liberty to say, it is the best overall smartwatch in the market right now because of all the […]

How to use Theater mode on Apple Watch: Complete guide

You sit down to watch your favorite movie in the theater or at your home. As soon as the movie starts, you get bombarded with notifications on the Apple Watch. A few might be fine, but it can get pretty annoying if you’re constantly getting unnecessary ones. Don’t worry; Apple has covered you with a […]

How to turn off green light on Apple Watch in 4 steps

Although Apple Watch is the finest wearable for iPhone users, it might take some time to get used to everything it has to offer. Users are often unaware of the bright green lights that often illuminate the Apple Watch’s back. In this post, I’ll explain what that green light indicates and how you can turn it off on […]

Medications Complication Not Available On In watchOS 9.2?

Medications complication not working watchOS 9 Medications complication not available anymore on Apple Watch after watchOS 9.2 update? ‘Off’ status is displayed in the location where the Medications info used to be on the Modular Watch Face? Medications Complication Not Working Anymore? This issue has been reported by threegirldad (AW Series 8): “After updating from […]

Raise To Wake Not Working On Apple Watch In watchOS 9? Fix!

Raise to wake not working Apple Watch Raise to wake not working on Apple Watch after watchOS 9 update? Screen won’t turn on when you flick your wrist? Issue persists in version 9.2? You’re not alone! Raise To Wake Not Working On Watch? This issue has been reported by Rachel (watchOS 9.2): “Since the update, […]