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How to Fix Freeform Not Syncing Across iPad, iPhone, and Mac

Apple’s Freeform app is a pretty good collaboration and brainstorming tool. The fact that it is supposed to work across Apple devices makes it a perfect canvas for sharing your ideas with friends and colleagues. Even if you use the app for personal purposes, it’s a good thing that you can access the app and […]

How to edit and save vertical videos without black bars in iMovie for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Learn how to edit vertical videos without black bars in iMovie on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, and make sure they look great in portrait orientation. This is particularly handy if you want to post your videos to Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, etc. iMovie is designed to produce 16:9 aspect ratio videos that go well with […]

How to disable Autoplay in Apple Music to stop more songs from playing

Macworld If you have a subscription to Apple Music, you surely noticed that you have an infinite playlist. As soon as you no longer have items queued for playback, the Music app on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac starts up with an algorithmically selected set of items collectively organized as the Playing Next list. What […]

How to take a screenshot or screen record on iPhone and iPad

You might have seen this headline and thought: “It’s easy to take a screenshot. They published an entire how-to for that?” But hear us out. There is more than one iPhone, and certain models require a different set of actions to quickly save an image of what’s visible on your screen. Same with the iPad. […]

How to Add Password to a PDF File on iPhone and iPad

PDF files have become one of the most common formats to share your documents for personal and professional purposes. You can also edit PDFs straight on your iPhone without needing a third-party app. Sometimes, when you have to share a PDF that contains confidential information, data security becomes the top priority. That’s why it is […]

How to Add Links in Apple Notes

Apple Notes is an ideal app for quickly jotting your thoughts, and you can use it for more complex reasons as well. Regardless of your reasons for creating new notes, you might want to add different links within what you create. Related Reading: You can add both links from other websites and app links in […]

How to fix one AirPod not working

How to fix one AirPod not working If one of your handy wireless earbuds has gone out of commission, all isn’t lost yet. Pocket-lint Apple’s AirPods changed the earbud game when they first came out years ago, and with multiple options now available headed up by the impeccable second-generation AirPods Pro, they’re hugely successful for […]

How to set location-based reminders on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

With so many tasks on our plates these days, it’s hard to remember every little thing. With the Reminders app, you can set up reminders that are based on arriving or leaving a location. “Text me when you get home,” “Don’t forget milk when you leave work,” or “Schedule that meeting when you arrive at […]

How to protect any iPhone or iPad app with a passcode and Face ID [no jailbreak required]

In this tutorial, we will share a simple tip that will let you protect any app of your choice with a passcode and Face ID, ensuring no one else can get inside that app even if you hand over your unlocked iPhone or iPad to them. How it works We will use the Shortcuts app […]

How to use Find My app to track a lost or stolen iPhone or iPad (iOS 16)

Whether you’re trying to track down a lost phone or keep tabs on your child’s whereabouts, the Find My app is an essential tool that every iOS user should be familiar with. The app uses GPS technology to pinpoint the device’s location and displays it on a map, enabling you to track it in real-time. […]