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How to Remove Symbols or Icons From Samsung Keyboard

Quick Tips There are two kinds of symbols or icons on Samsung Keyboard – special characters or icons in the tools. You can remove both of them. Go to Settings > General Management > Keyboard list and default > Samsung Keyboard > Layout and turn off Alternative characters. To remove the toolbar, go to Settings […]

How to Use Deep Sleeping Apps on Samsung Phone

Samsung definitely makes the best Android phone in the market. The Samsung Galaxy series is very popular due to its inexpensive price tags and amazing features. On Samsung Galaxy phones, you get a feature to check your battery health, enable the battery saver to reduce battery drain, etc. While using my Samsung Galaxy phone, I […]

How to turn your Android tablet into a virtual keyboard in 2024

Key Takeaways Android virtual keyboard features real-time autocorrect and language-switching features for convenience. The built-in trackpad on the Android tablet can be used as a mouse alternative. The app "Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse" allows easy setup to use the tablet as a virtual keyboard. Did you know you could use your Android tablet as a […]

How to unlock Realme 3i Bootloader

If you looking for a guide or procedure to unlock bootloader of the Realme 3i, then you are at the right place. Here in this article, we will guide you how to unlock Realme 3i bootloader. Just follow the article completely step by step. If you want to customize your phone, you need to root […]

How To Unlock Bootloader on Pixel 3a and 3a XL

Being a power user of Android Smartphones for so long, I always try to get my hands on the latest devices and as soon as I have it, I try to unlock the bootloader of that device. And, if you are a power user like me, then unlocking the bootloader will give you the immense […]

How to find your mobile number on iPhone, iPad, and Android

Check out the various ways to know the phone number associated with your iPhone, Android phone, or cellular iPad without calling or texting anyone. It is very unlikely that you don’t know your own phone number. However, if you have throwaway numbers, you might not have taken the time to memorize them. The easiest way […]

How to set up RCS chat on Android, Samsung phones

Key Takeaways RCS chats offer enhanced texting features like read receipts and encryption for Android users. Google Messages supports RCS, and it can be enabled on any Android phone. Enabling RCS is a simple process, and everyone using an Android should toggle it on. Rich Communication Services (RCS), referred to by Google as RCS chats, […]

My Favorite Way to Open the Camera on Motorola Phones Involves No Buttons – CNET

Let me take a minute to sing the praises of my favorite phone feature I’ve used this year. And to make this fun, I’ll give you a second to guess. No, it’s not Circle to Search on the Galaxy S24 series or the ingenious Rain Water Touch feature on the OnePlus 12, which lets you […]

Here’s how to manually access a public Wi-Fi login page on Android

Public Wi-Fi is easy to connect to and generally doesn’t cost you a cent. However, the process isn’t always fluid and sometimes fails to redirect you to the provider’s login page. This guide will take you through manually accessing that login page for public Wi-Fi. There have been countless times when I’ve tried to connect […]

How to get new emojis on your iPhone or Android device

Text messaging has quickly become the default form of communication on smartphones. Sure, you can give your buddy a call to update them on your plans for the weekend, but it’s not quite as quick and streamlined as a simple text. And combined with the ever-growing library of emojis available on iPhone and Android, it’s […]