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How to hide photos on your iPhone so snoopers can’t find them

Hiding photos on your iPhone is easy, especially after updating to iOS 16. You can hide any photos and videos you might want to keep without the risk of others seeing them. And you don’t have to download a third-party iPhone app to do it. Smartphone snooping is a real thing. Friends, family members, or […]

How to unlock your iPhone if you forget your PIN or passcode

You should use a strong Lock Screen passcode to ensure thieves can’t observe you entering your PIN and then stealing your iPhone. And we’ve shown you how to set up a stronger iPhone Lock Screen passcode than the six-digit code you might have. But if you forget that passcode and Face ID or Touch ID […]

How To Edit WhatsApp Message After Sending (iOS & Android)

Edit WhatsApp message after sending. You can finally edit a WhatsApp message after sending on iPhone and any other Android smartphone! This new feature has started to roll out as announced by Meta. It will be available globally in the coming weeks! How To Edit WhatsApp Message After Sending This feature is straightforward. Proceed as […]

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone

Are you switching from Android to iOS? We’re sad to see you go, but we can definitely understand how iOS might be better than Android for some users. You’ll need some help figuring out the best way to migrate, so we’ll show you the best ways to transfer data from Android to iPhone. QUICK ANSWER […]

Fix: Fitness App Not Working on the iPhone and Apple Watch

The Activity Rings in the Fitness app are divided into three rings: Move, Exercise, and Stand. These are a great motivating factor that helps promote a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, Apple has gamified the whole experience with several rewards and features. However, it can be frustrating if the Fitness app is not working on the iPhone.  […]

How to Fix Missing Notes on iPhone and Recover Lost Thoughts

When it comes to default iPhone apps, one of the most underrated yet widely used apps has got to be the Notes app. The Notes app comes in handy, especially when you need a quick way to jot something down or copy and save a file or image, among other things. No matter how reliable […]

How To Fix iPhone Unavailable Message on Lock Screen

iPhone Unavailable is an annoying error message. When this happens, your iPhone is locked and cannot be accessed. Typically, the iPhone unavailable error is accompanied by a timer. Once the countdown timer expires, you can enter a passcode and gain access. Sometimes, the timer doesn’t appear at all. Read on to know how to fix […]

How to Repair Your Own iPhone

Is your iPhone not working like it used to? Is the screen or another part of the hardware physically broken? You do have some DIY options if you want to fix your iPhone yourself. We’ll tell you what you need to know and walk you through the process.Read This Article on How-To Geek › How-To […]

How to Fix Freeform Not Syncing Across iPad, iPhone, and Mac

Apple’s Freeform app is a pretty good collaboration and brainstorming tool. The fact that it is supposed to work across Apple devices makes it a perfect canvas for sharing your ideas with friends and colleagues. Even if you use the app for personal purposes, it’s a good thing that you can access the app and […]

Why you should restart your phone on a regular basis (and how to do it)

For iPhone, you’d think that tapping and holding the right-side power button would prompt you with the reset settings, but that’s sadly not the case. Instead, you’ll need to tap and hold both the power button and the volume down key on the left side. After three seconds, a power-off slider should appear on the […]