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How To Set Custom Ringtones in iOS 17

Taking a look at how to set custom ringtones in iOS 17 is crucial for anyone who loves customization. While I typically like to keep my iPhone on silent, I do appreciate having the ability to set custom tones and notification sounds when I do have my ringer volume set. There are several ways to […]

How to Use iOS 17 Journal App on iPhone (Guide)

The much-awaited Journal app for iPhone is finally here with the iOS 17.2 update. The Journal app helps users remember and write about their experiences complete with details from their day, including people, places, activities, and even music & workouts, in addition to their photos. While the new Journal app in iOS 17 has a […]

How to Turn On AirDrop Over Cellular in iOS 17.1

Wondering how to use AirDrop over cellular? You’re in the right place. Since updating to iOS 17.1, I can now transfer files via AirDrop over a cellular connection, even beyond the typical AirDrop range. This holds as long as both iPhone owners are signed in to an iCloud account. Using AirDrop over cellular is easy, […]

How to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

Sometimes it’s best to create a text message while you’re thinking of it. But what if you don’t want to actually send it until later? Here, we’ll show you how to send a scheduled text message on iPhone at whatever time you prefer. How-To Geek

iPhone 15 Pro: How to Change Camera Focal Length

One of the neat things about the iPhone 15 Pro series is the ability to change your camera’s focal length. As an iPhone user, one of the main reasons I chose the device is its ability to take amazing photos. However, one thing I didn’t know was how to easily change my focal lengths, which […]

How to add Gboard keyboard app on iPhone and iPad

Do you know you can boost your iPhone’s productivity just by switching to a Google Gboard keyboard? Here,… iGeeksBlog

How to Limit Your Screen Time With These iPhone and Android Wellness Settings – CNET

Reducing your screen time is often easier said than done. Between your smartphone, a personal tablet and work computer, you’re likely racking up quite a bit of screen time. Especially after quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic and doing work or school remotely, I know I’m not alone in occasionally wincing at my weekly screen time […]

How to Unblock a Number on iPhone

Do you want to start getting calls and text messages from someone who you once blocked on your iPhone? Unblock their phone number on your iPhone, and they’ll be able to contact you again. We’ll show you how. How-To Geek

How to Drop a Pin in Google Maps on iPhone or iPad

Dropping a pin on Google Maps allows you to mark a location on the map for sharing with others, for saving that spot for yourself to reference later, or even for getting directions to that pinned location. It’s a very useful feature of Google Maps that has wide applications, so if you’re a Google Maps […]

What is Apple ProRAW? How to shoot RAW images on iPhone

Key Takeaways Apple ProRAW is a file format available on iPhone Pro models that allows users to edit color and exposure for better results than the default JPEG. Shooting in Apple ProRAW provides more editing flexibility, such as adjusting white balance and brightening/darkening images, and captures more detail in the darkest and lightest areas. Apple […]