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How to Find Your Phone Number on iPhone

If you recently got a new phone and new phone number, or perhaps you changed phone numbers, or maybe you have a new work phone, you might be left with the question of wondering what your phone number is. Obviously knowing your phone number is important, so if you need to know what your phone […]

How to fix iMessage activation errors on your iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you probably use iMessage as your primary messaging app. This is especially true if you also have other Apple devices, like a Mac and an iPad. Typically, iMessage should work without much effort on your part. But sometimes you may come across a problem with iMessage, whether it’s just Apple’s […]

How to Customize the Lock Screen on Your iPhone or iPad

Lock Screen customization has been an iOS mainstay since iOS 16, allowing you to tailor your iPhone and iPad Lock Screen with wallpapers, fonts, and widgets. Heres how to get the most out of this feature. How-To Geek

How to fix iPhone stuck in Dark Mode

Dark Mode is one of the most useful features in iOS. It helps reduce eye strain to allow for a more comfortable viewing experience, especially in a dimly lit or dark environment. However, a small section of iOS users prefer Light Mode most of the time. If you’re one of them and your iPhone is stuck in […]

How to use ND filters and polarizing filters on your iPhone camera

Learn to attach an iPhone-compatible filter holder and use physical ND and polarizing filters to enhance your iPhone photography. iMore – The #1 iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch blog

Here’s How to Check Your iPhone’s Battery Health

Earlier this year, Apple retested the batteries of its iPhone 15 models and updated its battery life claims for the entire series, suggesting that they offer better longevity than previously thought. Curious about the battery health of your iPhone 15? Here’s how to check it. Apple in February 2024 updated the technical specifications for the […]

How to Get Google Circle to Search on iPhone

Circle to search is an advanced version of Google Lens, i.e. you select something on your phone screen (text, images, etc.) and immediately get relevant Google results. For example, you can highlight a sneaker someone is wearing in a video on YouTube, and find out the brand of the sneakers and where you can buy […]

How to clear the DNS Cache on an iPhone or iPad

If your iPhone takes longer than usual to load or open a website, it could be because you have a cluttered DNS cache. Flushing out your iPhone’s DNS can help in such situations and fix slow browsing or other connectivity issues you might be experiencing on the device. Below, we’ve prepared a guide explaining what […]

How to fix “Cannot Connect to App Store” on iPhone or iPad

Whether you’re looking for new trendy apps or plan to update an existing app, the App Store is where you need to be. The problem is, an error message stands in your way: “Cannot connect to App Store” on your iPhone or iPad. In this guide, I’ve outlined several solutions to fix the error and […]

Why Is iPhone 15 Pro’s Log Video Not Working and How to Fix It

Quick Tips Select the appropriate ProRes encoding; HDR and SDR are not compatible. An SSD drive is essential for shooting 4K ProRes Log. Verify the compatibility and proper connection of your USB-C to USB-B cable. Fix 1: Using an Incorrect Encoding Setting The iPhone 15 Pro camera app, by default, won’t allow you to record […]