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How to Reset your Pixel 7a!

In terms of Google Pixel devices, the Pixel 7a is one of the more impressive phones in recent years, elevating Google’s A-series phones to new heights of performance and quality. It comes with the essential Android software and apps, as well as a hardware design that takes after its more premium Pixel siblings. It should be said though that while it is a great phone, it’s not a perfect device, and there are times when it might run into performance hiccups.

When we say “hiccups,” we mean stuff like app crashes, or some software features that would just randomly stop working for some unknown reason. Should these happen, we’d suggest doing some very light “tinkering” with your phone, such as a reset.

Should you Reset your Phone?
Resetting an Android device often allows it to work as if it were brand-new again (at least in most cases), taking away the weight of user-installed apps and additional files which can sometimes slow it down. There are also times when your phone simply needs a quick reboot to recover from app crashes, freezes, and whatnot. With that said, there are two different ways to reset an Android phone:

Restart/Reboot: Also known as a “soft reset,” this method simply turns your phone off and on again, allowing it to recover from unexpected performance issues.
Reset: Also known as a “hard reset” or sometimes “factory reset,” this method erases everything that’s saved on your phone, including your apps, settings, files, photos, and music, for example. It’s recommended that you back up your files to your PC, or online through cloud storage platforms.

How to Reset your Pixel 7a
If you’ve encountered an issue on your Pixel 7a that prevents it from functioning normally, or would like to bring it back to its factory settings to sell it or give it to someone, then you can try the following methods below:

Basic Restart

Press and hold your power button for a few seconds.
A menu should pop up on your screen with options for “Emergency,” “Lockdown,” “Power Off,” and “Restart.”
Select “Restart.”
Your phone should then turn off, and automatically turn back on within the next few seconds.

Factory Reset
Factory resetting removes all bits of personal user data from your phone, so it’s advised that you should back-up your files to a PC or via cloud storage.

Open your “Settings” app.
Head down to “System “Reset Options.”
Tap on “Erase all Data (Factory Reset)”
Tap on “Erase all Data.”
Your phone should then proceed with removing your data and automatically reboot after a few minutes.

Force Restart
In the unfortunate event that your phone is non-responsive and you are unable to access any settings menus through your screen, then you might need to force restart your phone.

Hold down your power button for a few seconds until the screen turns off – it should then automatically turn back on afterwards.

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Google Pixel 7a

The Google Pixel 7a features impressive camera performance, Google’s smart software features, and access to all the latest Android apps, all in a compact and attractive design.


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How to Reset your Pixel 7a!

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