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How to create your own WhatsApp stickers with iOS 16 on iPhone

Did you know that you can create your own WhatsApp stickers with iOS 16 on your iPhone? Creating your own stickers for WhatsApp has not always been an easy task since you had to use third-party apps to do so. However, with the release of iOS 16, WhatsApp for iPhone finally started letting users create their own stickers for the app. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of creating your own WhatsApp stickers on your iPhone.

Learn how to create your own WhatsApp stickers with iOS 16 on iPhone
Unlike what some users may expect, there’s no clear interface for creating a sticker pack. Instead, WhatsApp has integrated its sticker feature with iOS 16’s new API that separates the subject from a photo when you use the drag-and-drop gesture. Here’s what you have to do:

Locate and open the Photos app on your iPhone’s home screen. This is where your photo library is stored.
Browse through your photo library and select the photo you want to turn into a sticker. It could be a picture of your pet, a funny meme, or anything else you’d like to use as a sticker.
Look at the photo and identify the subject that you want to turn into a sticker. Tap and hold the subject until a menu appears.

While still holding the subject, use another finger to navigate to the WhatsApp app, find the conversation where you want to send the sticker and drop the subject into the conversation window.

Once you drop the subject into the WhatsApp conversation, a prompt will appear, asking if you want to turn that photo into a sticker. Confirm by selecting Send or Create Sticker.

After confirming, the sticker will be created and sent in the conversation. To save the sticker to your collection, simply tap on it and select Add to Favorites.

Please note that the creation of WhatsApp stickers is based on subject detection in images, which was introduced with iOS 16. Therefore, it is essential to have the latest iOS version installed on your iPhone to create WhatsApp stickers.

Now you can have fun creating personalized stickers to express yourself in WhatsApp conversations. Get creative, explore your photo library, and turn your favorite images into stickers using the intuitive drag-and-drop gesture. Enjoy customizing your WhatsApp experience with your unique stickers! If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

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How to create your own WhatsApp stickers with iOS 16 on iPhone

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