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How to Check AppleCare Warranty Coverage on iPhone & iPad

You can now easily check your AppleCare warranty coverage right on the iPhone or iPad, for not only your device, but also any other devices that are paired to it, like AirPods or Apple Watches.

All Apple devices come with a one year limited AppleCare warranty, but many users opt to purchase the optional various AppleCare plans to extend warranty duration or coverage to things like accidents and theft.

If you want to see the warranty details and coverage of AppleCare on your iPhone or iPad, you can easily do that directly on your phone or tablet. We’ll show you how this works.

How to Determine AppleCare & Warranty Coverage of iPhone & iPad on Device
Be sure you are running the latest available versions of iOS or iPadOS to have access to this full set of warranty information.

Open the Settings app on iPhone or iPad
Choose “General”
Choose “About”
Choose “Coverage” to see a list of devices
Choose the option under “This Device” to see the AppleCare Warranty coverage information for the device you are currently using, or choose another option under Paired Devices

You’ll find information on the limited warranty, it’s expiration date (or if it already expired), if hardware support is covered, and if chat and phone support is covered.

The “Paired Devices” section will include things like AirPods, Beats, and Apple Watch, if they are paired or synced with the iPhone or iPad.

If you’re having problems with any of your devices, or if you have any support inquiries, you can also launch the Apple Support app directly from this screen.

This ability to check warranty through Settings has been around for a while but has been renamed in the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS. If you’re on a Mac, you can check warranty status in MacOS too.

Perhaps in the future, all Apple products will be listed under this section, so that you can check the warranty information and AppleCare coverage for things like Macs, HomePods, and Apple TV too.

If your iPhone or iPad is new enough or bought recently enough, you’ll actually see an option in the Settings screen to add AppleCare coverage to your device.

Do you pay for the extended warranty programs from Apple with AppleCare? Did you know that some credit cards offer a separate extended warranty if you purchase a product using that card? Some countries even have different warranty requirements than others, so all of these questions are worth considering, and finding out if they apply to you and your Apple devices, in the event you ever need to use the warranty coverage for a problem, failure, defect, or other issue.

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How to Check AppleCare Warranty Coverage on iPhone & iPad

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