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How to Use Standby Mode on iPhone with iOS 17

StandBy Mode is perhaps the most interesting feature for iPhone users who update to iOS 17, transforming the iPhone into a customizable display clock whenever the iPhone is placed horizontally and is charging.

With StandBy Mode, your iPhone can become a table clock, a photo frame, an information display, amongst other possibilities, and since it’s easily customizable, how you use the feature is up to you.

How to Use StandBy Mode on iPhone
To use StandBy Mode, the feature must be turned on, the iPhone must be connected to a charger, and the iPhone must be placed into a horizontal position. You can use either a wired or wireless charger for StandBy Mode, but note the feature will not turn on if the iPhone is not attached to a charger.

Here are the precise steps for using StandBy Mode with iPhone:

Connect the iPhone to a charger (wired or wireless does not matter, as long as it is connected to a power source)
Place the iPhone into horizontal position so the screen is in landscape mode and stationary
Press the Side/Power button, or wait a moment, and the iPhone screen should transform into StandBy Mode

Swipe to the left or right on the StandBy Mode screen to switch between available clocks, widgets, and photos, and swipe up or down on each clock or widget to explore the other options available for each widget

That’s all there is to it, StandBy Mode is super easy to use once you learn how it works.

Standby Mode Isn’t Working, How Do I Turn It On?
StandBy Mode is enabled by default, but if for some reason it’s turned off on your iPhone, you can go to Settings > StandBy to turn the feature on.

Next, connect the iPhone to a charger, and place the iPhone into horizontal position (on its side) and let it sit for a moment. StandBy Mode should activate automatically.

If StandBy Mode does not turn on automatically when iPhone is plugged in and placed horizontally, press the Power/Side button once or twice and wait again. Sometimes there is a delay until the feature turns on.

StandBy Mode with Always-On Displays
If you have an iPhone with an always-on display (like iPhone 14 Pro or newer), then StandBy Mode will be enabled and active all the time with the always-on display, anytime the iPhone is charging and on it’s side. You can turn that feature off in Settings > Standby Mode if you don’t want it to always be visible.

Does StandBy Mode work on my iPhone? What about iPad and Mac? StandBy Mode Compatible Devices
StandBy Mode is currently only available for iPhone models running iOS 17 or newer.

The feature would obviously be very useful for iPad and Mac too, but it’s not yet available for those devices. Judging by the fairly predictable cycle of Apple features that first show up on iOS, it’ll likely come to iPadOS next with version 18, and maybe macOS with version 15 or 16 (or perhaps not at all for the Mac).

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How to Use Standby Mode on iPhone with iOS 17

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