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You can now create events from the wrist with Readdle Calendars for Apple Watch

Create, edit, delete and manage your events and appointments from the Apple Watch itself with Readdle’s updated Calendars software.

The much-improved Calendars Apple Watch app | Image: ReaddleManaging your day at a glance
Ukrainian developer Readdle updated its Calendars app with a better Apple Watch experience, which now includes the ability to create events straight from your wrist.

In addition to receiving invites and updates for your appointments, the refreshed software allows you to actually reply to invites without having to use your phone.

Managing your day at a glance is now easier than before with the ability to edit and delete tasks, mark completed tasks as done, and switch between list/task views.

For example, if you’re in a rush, the app lets you view a summary of the time left till your event end, along with making adjustments to current events. Finally, you can still activate notifications on your Apple Watch to avoid missing any events.

The refreshed software offers half a dozen new watch faces that display the time left until your next meeting, which you can customize to your liking.

Six new customizable watch faces
You must download the new watch faces | Image: ReaddleThe app brings six new Apple Watch faces and two optimized complications—a tasks counter and an enhanced indicator of the next calendar event. Each watch face is designed with a particular lifestyle in mind, like sports, productivity, etc.

The following watch faces are now available in Calendars:

Health Time: The traditional style, great for watches with Always-On displays.
Weekend Vibes: Relax with a calming background that sets a peaceful tone.
Happy Hours: Disconnect from work and enjoy time with your loved ones.
Workout Buddy: For tracking your progress during the day.
Time Boss: Control your time productively in a stylish way.
Ultimate Productivity: The name says it all.
You can download the new Calendars watch faces via the Readdle blog.

To add one of the two new complications in Calendars to an existing watch face, touch and hold the current watch face and choose Edit. Now select one of the slots for complications and scroll down to find the Calendars option, then select it.

How to download Readdle Calendars
The minimalistic month view | Image: ReaddleReaddle Calendars is free to download and use across the iOS, iPadOS, macOS and watchOS platforms. However, some features require a Calendars Pro subscription.

If you already own Calendars, download the latest version of the iOS app to get the refreshed Apple Watch experience. To do so immediately instead of waiting for automatic updates, land on the app’s App Store page and click the Update button.

View Calendars by Readdle on the App Store

In a world where many developers pull their Apple Watch apps due to low engagement, Readdle should be applauded for continuing to invest in making its software accessible and helpful on the Apple Watch.

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You can now create events from the wrist with Readdle Calendars for Apple Watch

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