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Training Today is an iPhone and Apple Watch app for fitness data nerds

I enjoy working out and know that fitness positively impacts my mental health. However, I also find it very difficult to do anything in moderation, which means it’s very easy for me to overdo exercise, which in the past has led to exhaustion and even injury.

For this reason, I’m really interested in health tech that uses data about you to determine how hard you can push yourself throughout the day. Garmin calls this Body Battery, and Oura calls it your Readiness Score. They’re based on various factors, including how well-rested you are, your heart rate, recent activity, and more.
Training Today is an app that brings a similar metric to your Apple Watch. It tells you your readiness to train (RTT) each day based on your heart rate data and the workout data from Apple Health, a score that changes throughout the day. With this information, you can decide when the best time is to work hard, take it easy, or just rest so that you stay safe from injuring yourself.
What makes Training Today different to other workout apps?Training Today uses your Apple Watch to monitor your health stats throughout the day to give you a readiness to train (RTT) score. This is then presented in the accompanying iPhone app, but I like that it’s also available to see from your wrist for easier access. 
One of the standout features of Training Today is its interactivity. By simply turning the digital crown on your Apple Watch, you can track how your RTT score has evolved throughout the day. You can also engage with Siri, asking questions like ‘Hey Siri, what’s my Training Today score?’ or ‘Hey Siri, what’s my Training Today RTT?’, and it will promptly display your score and the current weekly chart.

If you’re a fan of in-depth analysis, the iPhone app is your go-to. It presents a comprehensive color-based chart system that spans the week, displaying key data such as your walking, calories burned, distance covered, and their impact on your heart rate and RTT score. This detailed presentation is a treasure trove for health enthusiasts seeking to identify patterns over time. 
I think the key to scores like Training Today’s RTT score is to take them as guidance. You don’t have to be completely governed by them. But it’s a good way to check in with yourself if you’re contemplating when to work out, whether it’s time for a rest day or if you should go out for another walk to get your step count up.
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Training Today has many other features, too, including structured running sessions recommended based on your RTT score. So, if you’re interested in optimizing your running training based on your heart rate but don’t know how to get started, Training Today can help. 

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