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How to Use Note Assist (AI) on Galaxy S24

Reading long notes on your phone is exhausting. Samsung wants to change that by using the Note Assist feature in the Galaxy AI debuting with Galaxy S24 series. As the name suggests, it intends to help you read and grasp notes faster. Note Assist can generate concise summaries of your notes with bullet points and headings.

Powered by AI, Note Assist will shorten your time to read and understand a long wall of text on your phone. Also, Note Assist requires a Samsung Account and an active internet connection to work. Let’s take a closer look at how Note Assist works in the Notes app on Samsung Galaxy phone.

How to Enable Note Assist on Samsung Galaxy S24
Several Galaxy AI features may excite you about the new Galaxy S24 series, but some features aren’t enabled by default. You’ll need to enable the Note Assist on your Galaxy S24 series phone. Here’s how to do that.

1. Open the Settings menu of a Galaxy S24 series phone and choose Advanced features. From there, tap on Advanced intelligence.

2. Next, locate Samsung Notes and turn on the toggle under Note assist.

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Summarise Notes With Note Assist
With Note Assist, you can get a concise summary of notes to focus on the key points and save valuable time. It’s great to revisit the major takeaways from the notes of meetings, lectures, or research.

1. Open the note you want to summarize and tap the AI button at the bottom. Alternatively, select a part of the note and tap Summarise at the bottom.

2. Check the screenshot below of the summary generated using Note Assist.

3. If you prefer a more detailed summary, tap the three-line icon (edit icon), choose the Detailed option, and tap Done. That will present the summary in a more detailed format.

4. After that, you can Copy the summary, Replace the original note with the summary, or tap Add to and include the summarized note in a new note or page within the same note.


Option to summarize the notes, reducing the time to read a lengthy article.
You can copy, replace, or add summary to the existing note.


Requires mobile internet or Wi-Fi to work.
Note Assist can not summarize notes that are less than 200 characters.
The summarization process has a predefined limit for selection. If the length of selection exceeds this limit, the system will automatically choose the selection based on the maximum limit.
Can not process the data solely for summarising notes which may raise privacy concerns.

Tip: The new Circle to Search feature in Samsung Galaxy S24 series involves you to draw a circle or scribble on the phone’s screen to search for anything.

Auto Format Notes With Note Assist
It is challenging to take notes and also organize them during the meeting. Luckily, Note Assist will be useful to format your notes effectively. It can automatically generate titles and headings, and even add bullet points, making it easier to structure and highlight the key points.

1. Open a note, tap on the AI icon at the bottom to view the Note Assist features. Choose the specific part of the note you want to format and select the Auto format option.

2. After you select the text, you’ll have two choices for auto-formatting the note — Headers and bullets and Meeting notes. Let’s first check how it will summarise with Headers and bullets.

3. Swipe right to view the AI- generated auto-formatted notes in the standard format. The format will automatically create a heading for the article, add bullet points, and some formats will also have colored titles and headings.

4. To view the Meeting format, you don’t have to go through the whole process again. Swipe right to head to the first page of your original note, then click on the reload icon at the top-left corner and select Meeting notes.

5. The selection will automaticaly be structured in a format suitable for meeting notes.

6. After that, you can either Copy the format, Replace the original note with the selected format, or tap Add to and include the format note in a new note or page within the same note.


Option to auto-format the notes in Meeting notes and Headers and bullets formats.
Provide five choices of auto-formatting formats to select from.


Requires mobile data or Wi-Fi to work.
Note Assist can not auto-format notes of less than 200 characters.
The auto-format process has a predefined max limit for selection too. If the length of selections exceeds that limit, the system will automatically choose the selections based on the maximum limit – that limit isn’t mentioned.
Can not process the data on-device for auto-formatting which raises privacy concerns.

Tip: You can access Samsung Notes on a Windows PC or Mac to work on a larger screen.

Translate Notes With Note Assist
Note Assist also includes a translation feature that helps when collaborating with colleagues from around the world or studying something in a foreign language. Here’s how to use it.

1. Open a note, select the sentences you wish to translate, tap on the AI button at the bottom to reveal the options, and choose the Translate option.

2. You’ll get a pop-up with the translated text. If you want to switch the translation language, tap on the language on the top-right of the pop-up, select your desired language, and tap on Translate.

4. If the language you wish to translate to is not listed, tap on the option to Add languages and then tap on the download icon next to your preferred language. This will make the language accessible for translation purposes.

3. The AI automatically detects the language of your note. Although it’s quite accurate, there’s a slim chance it might get it wrong. In such cases, tap on the language on the left side to change the source language manually.

You may need to download the source language if it’s not available for translation.

4. If the language of your note is not available for translation, you will see an on-screen prompt to download the detected language. You’ll also get notified if the detected language is not supported for translation.

5. Lastly, you can copy, replace, or add translation to a new page or note. Feel free to organize your translated content as you see fit.


It can work without an internet connection.
By exclusively processing data on the device, translation ensures privacy protection, which is highly beneficial.

3. No minimum or maximum word limit for translation.


1. Only a limited number of languages are supported for translation.

Correct Spellings With Note Assist
Checking the grammar of your notes no longer requires you to depend on third-party apps or visit websites. With Note Assist, you can effortlessly scan all paragraphs for grammatical errors and correct in no time.

1. Start by tapping on the AI button as explained earlier. Then, choose the sentences you want to check for grammar, and finally, tap on Correct spelling.

2. After you select the text, you’ll view the ones with the accurate spelling. The corrected word appear with blue underline – tap on it to see the original word.

3. You can copy, replace, or append a note with the corrected spelling onto a fresh page or a new note.


It can check spelling for all supported languages for translation.
Works offline.


Supports only a limited number of languages for spellcheck.
The correct spelling process has a predefined limit for selection. If the length of selections exceeds this limit, the system will automatically choose the selections based on the maximum limit.
Cannot process the data solely on the device for checking the spelling, which may raise privacy concerns.

Working on the Samsung Notes app can be great with a little help from Note Assist on the Galaxy S24 series phone. From what we gather, this feature might come to other Galaxy phones.

1. How many languages are supported by Note Assist?

At the time of writing, the languages (regions) that are supported for translations include Chinese Simplified, English (India, United Kingdom, United States), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish (Mexico, Spain, United States), Thai, and Vietnamese.

2. Can we use Note Assist without the Internet?

An internet connection is required for all features of Note Assist to work properly, except for translation.

3. Can we enable data to be processed only on the device for better privacy?

For privacy, you can activate the toggle switch, which allows the data processing to occur solely on your phone. To activate this feature, navigate to Settings, tap on Advanced features, and choose Advanced intelligence. Finally, enable the toggle next to Process data only on device. However, all other features of Note Assist will stop working as they require internet except translation.

Your AI Assistant
Note Assist is supercharged with Artificial Intelligence as part of Galaxy I on Galaxy S24 series phones. This will help you increase your efficiency to take notes and also help summarize and translate them. Unleash your creativity and effortlessly manage and format notes on the fly while sipping coffee. With the power of AI at your fingertips, you can elevate your note-taking skills to new heights.

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