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How to turn on Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone or iPad

Having spotty internet gets really annoying sometimes. But not anymore, as your iPhone can act as a backup for your weak Wi-Fi. I know you’re tempted to find out more about this amazing feature, so without wasting any moment, let’s discuss how you can turn on and make the most of Wi-Fi Assist on your iPhone or iPad.

What does Wi-Fi Assist do?
Wi-Fi Assist is a pre-installed feature on iPhones and cellular iPads that automatically switches to cellular or mobile data whenever you are receiving poor internet connectivity. This ensures that you can continue browsing the web or using an app while your Wi-Fi network is congested or slow.

It acts out as a reliable feature for those who are constantly bothered by bad connections and cannot depend on Wi-Fi alone. Furthermore, Wi-Fi Assist can save data costs by switching to cellular data only when Wi-Fi is unusable and the user’s data plan has room for it.

How to enable or disable Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone and iPad
Wi-Fi Assist is enabled by default, so you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of it. However, if you’re not able to use this feature, then follow the steps outlined below to enable it:

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
Navigate to Mobile Data or Cellular Data.
Scroll down and toggle on Wi-Fi Assist.

In case you seek to turn off Wi-Fi Assist in the near future, you can simply follow the same steps again and toggle off the switch.

Note: Apart from iPhones, these steps work for only the cellular iPads on the market right now.

Important factors to consider while using Wi-Fi Assist
Wi-Fi Assist can seamlessly boost your signal strength, when necessary, on your iPhone and cellular iPad. However, it’s important to consider some factors before turning on this feature, as it could lead to additional charges. 

Make sure you have an appropriate data plan for your carrier and that you monitor your data usage closely when you have Wi-Fi Assist activated. 
Wi-Fi Assist will not work if you’re on a roaming network. 
Wi-Fi Assist does not support background downloading of content; it’s only feasible for foreground apps. 
To avoid large consumption of data, Wi-Fi Assist does not work for third-party apps that stream audio or video content.

Will turning on Wi-Fi Assist use up my cellular data? Yes, Wi-Fi Assist will use cellular data when the Wi-Fi connectivity is poor. However, it will only use a minimal amount of cellular data, which should not significantly affect your data plan.
Can I customize how much cellular data Wi-Fi Assist uses? No, you cannot customize how much cellular data Wi-Fi Assist uses. However, you can monitor your cellular data usage in Settings→ Cellular → Usage alerts to help you manage your data usage.
Does Wi-Fi Assist work with all Wi-Fi networks? Yes, Wi-Fi Assist works with all Wi-Fi networks, as long as the network is configured to allow internet access.

Ensure a healthy signal strength!

There is no denying the fact that Wi-Fi Assist is an incredibly useful feature for all iPhone and cellular iPad users. It’s specifically designed to keep you connected regardless of the signal strength. With this feature, you no longer have to worry about losing an important connection or having to manually switch to a stronger signal.

Thank you for reading, and don’t hesitate to drop your thoughts below.

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How to turn on Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone or iPad

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