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How to silence notifications on iPhone

Being bombarded with notifications isn’t really anyone’s idea of fun, and if you’re wondering how to turn off notifications on iPhone you’re not alone.

While turning on Do Not Disturb can give you respite from notification dings, it’s not really a permanent solution, whereas the steps we’ve laid out below can help you really fine-tune and turn off your notifications altogether.


How to silence notifications on iPhone
There are different levels you can go to on your iPhone to turn off notifications – with the most detailed being app-by-app, as follows.

Open the Settings app Tap on Notifications Scroll down the list and tap into an app of your choice Turn off Allow Notifications That’s it – this will disable that app’s ability to send you notifications, and you just have to do the equivalent for each app in your library.

This can take a long time if you have a whole load of apps installed, but it’s a worthwhile effort to undertake.

How to turn on Do Not Disturb on iPhone
If you want to use a more temporary setting to get yourself some silence, you can use Do Not Disturb, and you can now customise how it works. To use it, follow the steps below.

Pull down from the top-right of your display to open the Control Centre Tap on Focus Tap on Do Not Disturb That’ll turn the mode on, but you can customise it by tapping on the three dots next to the setting on that final step.

If you hit Settings, you’ll go through to a page letting you set up loads of exemptions, from people in your contacts to specific apps.

You’ll also be able to schedule the mode to kick in at a given time each day, and turn off at another, which makes setting work-life boundaries way easier.

You can even set up filters that remove certain conversations or apps from being accessed while you’re using the mode, if you’re finding them distracting.

All of this will silence notifications while it’s active – although the notifications will still be sent and collected, just way more quietly. So, to completely avoid being sent them in the first place, we still recommend going app by app as described above.


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