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How To Print Screenshots From Your Android Phone

Before you can print directly from your phone, you need to set up the connection between your Android device and the wireless printer. The first step is to connect your printer to your home network. This can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, but essentially, you will find a Wi-Fi option on your printer’s settings or home panel. Click on it, and select your Wi-Fi network from the list. Then, enter the password to connect. Once you’ve verified that your printer is connected to your home network, follow these next steps:

Connect your Android device to the same Wi-Fi network.
Launch the Settings app.
Go to Connected devices > Connection preferences > Printing. This can vary depending on your OS version and phone manufacturer. If you can’t see these options, you can simply enter “print” in the search bar of your Settings app.
Select Add service. This will redirect you to Google Play Store.
Download and install the plugin for your specific printer. The plugin serves as the printer driver for your mobile device. This will allow your phone to find your printer and connect to it wirelessly.
Now that your phone-to-printer connection is set up, you can now start printing your screenshots.


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