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How to Know When iPhone Battery Replacement is Needed

Have you ever wondered if your iPhone battery needs to be replaced? Maybe you are experiencing rapid battery drain, or other battery health issues like sluggish performance, random shutdowns, or the dreaded swollen battery issue with your iPhone.

Read on and we’ll review five common signs that it’s time to replace the battery on your iPhone.

How to know iPhone battery health, and when iPhone battery should be replaced?
There are several indicators that can help you determine if you need to replace the battery in your iPhone.

1: Low Battery Health
Your iPhone actually keeps track of battery health, and you can check it yourself at any time.

To check the battery wear level of your iPhone, go to “Settings” app > “Battery” > “Battery Health.”

If the iPhone battery says it needs servicing, it is time to replace.

If the maximum capacity listed is significantly lower than the original capacity, say below 85%, then the battery has degraded, and it might need replacement for optimal performance.

You can always check your iPhone battery health easily at any time manually by using the Settings app.

2: Reduced Battery Life
One of the most obvious indicators that your iPhone needs a new battery is if you notice that your iPhone’s battery is draining much faster than usual, even with normal usage patterns. This could be a sign that the battery is deteriorating and needs to be replaced.

3: Random Shutdowns
If your iPhone shuts down unexpectedly, or turns itself off seemingly out of the blue, it could be because the battery is unable to hold a charge and needs replacement.

4: Slow Performance
A degraded battery can sometimes lead to reduced performance of the iPhone itself, leading to things like slower apps, sluggish behavior, frame rates dropping, lower speaker volumes, and more. If your iPhone says it needs to be serviced, and it feels slower than usual, this may be the reason why.

5: Swollen Battery
Rarely, the battery within an iPhone can become swollen, expanding outwards and causing the case to bulge, separate, or warp. If you experience a swollen battery, you will want to replace the battery right away, because a swollen battery can be a safety hazard and may also affect the overall functionality of your iPhone.

If you experience multiple symptoms listed here, or you suspect that your battery is not functioning optimally, it’s recommended to visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider or an Apple Store, and they can check the battery for you, and replace it at a reasonable cost. Sometimes putting a new battery into an iPhone can breathe new life into the iPhone, allowing the device to continue to be used for years more.

Can I replace iPhone battery myself?
Some users are the Do-It-Yourself type and would like to replace the iPhone battery on their own.

While replacing the iPhone battery is difficult and not intended for user-service, it is technically possible for users to replace their own battery if they are savvy and patient enough. You can find battery replacement kits on Amazon if that interests you. Remember, replacing your own battery on iPhone will likely void the device warranty.

Because of the time it takes to replace a battery on your own, and the cost, and the fact that you’re using non-OEM batteries and parts, it’s generally a good idea to just pay Apple or an Apple Authorized Service company the modest fee to replace the iPhone battery for you, guaranteeing you will get a good battery that is genuine Apple battery, rather than a cheap knock-off with potentially dubious quality.

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How to Know When iPhone Battery Replacement is Needed

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