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How to install iPadOS 17 beta on iPad

The new iPadOS 17 will be available to everyone in Fall. Since Apple is testing the beta version of iPadOS 17 with developers and beta testers, interested iPad users can also install and try the upcoming OS before its official release. 

iPadOS 17 will feature new capabilities and improvements like a customizable Lock Screen, Live Activities, Interactive Widgets, improved PDF handling in the Notes app, Live Stickers in Messages, upgraded FaceTime with reactions, improved AirPlay, and much more.

Code found in the latest iPadOS 17 beta 4 suggests that it could also gain macOS Sonoma Game Mode to improve the gaming experience on the tablet. Here is how you can install the update on a compatible iPad today.

Install iPadOS 17 beta
Apple has made it very easy to download developer and public beta updates. Unlike before, developers and public beta testers no longer have to install the update from the Apple Developer Center account first, they can simply install the preferred beta update from the Settings app on their iPad.

However, there is a catch. To install developer beta updates, users need an Apple Developer membership costing $99 per year but iPadOS 17 public beta updates are available for all for free.

Here is how you can install iPadOS 17 beta on your iPad:

Open the Settings app on your iPad.
Tap on General > Software Update.
Next, tap on the Beta Updates option.
In the menu, select either iPadOS 17 Developer Beta or iPadOS 17 public beta. 
Developer Beta update will only appear for users who have an active Apple Developer account associated with their Apple ID.
For non-members, only Public Beta will appear.

Navigate back to the Software Update section.
Tap on the latest beta build to download and install.
It must be kept in mind that developer beta is an unstable version of the software update and in a worst-case scenario, it can brick the device. It is advised to either test public beta builds or wait for the official release.


How to install iPadOS 17 beta on iPad

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