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How to Fix Your Account Has Been Disabled in the App Store or iTunes

If you’ve received the dreaded message highlighting your account has been disabled in the App Store or iTunes, don’t panic. Many Apple users are experiencing this issue on their Apple devices.

Thankfully, there are several steps you can take to resolve it. To save you some time and trouble, I have curated ten fixes that will help you unlock your Apple ID account and get back to enjoying your favorite apps and media.

1. Unlock Apple ID Account
Users mistakenly lock themselves out of their Apple IDs when repeatedly entering the wrong password. In such cases, Apple tends to lock your account as a security measure. Sometimes, a disabled App Store account can result from a locked Apple ID.

Time needed: 3 minutes
If you are also in a situation like this, then follow the steps below to unlock your Apple ID.
Access the iForgot homepage via any preferred browser.
Select the Reset Password option.
Enter your Email or Phone Number.
Type the characters in the image.
Hit Continue.
Doing so, you’ll receive a ping on your paired Apple devices.
Simply tap the same and Allow when prompted.
Now, follow the on-screen instructions to reset your Apple ID password.

Once the password is reset, you must log in again to your Apple devices with the new credentials. Hopefully, this will refresh the connection and allow you to access the App Store and iTunes again.

2. Try to Sign in Using a Browser
There is a slight possibility that the your account has been disabled issue may be specific to the App Store or iTunes app on your iPhone. To verify your doubt, try signing in to your Apple ID account using a browser on your computer or another device.

Here’s what you’ve to do:

Head to the homepage of iCloud via any web browser of your preference,
Press Sign In and enter your credentials.
If you can successfully sign in through a browser, it indicates that the problem lies with the App Store or iTunes app on your iPhone.

If not, your Apple ID needs immediate attention. Follow the fixes prescribed below to rectify this issue.

3. Restart Your iPhone
It might sound simple, but a quick restart can often work wonders. After prolonged use, many devices run into minor bugs or glitches, which later cause errors like your account has been disabled.

Here’s what you’ve to do:

For an iPhone with Face ID, simultaneously press the side button and volume up or down button.

For an iPhone with Touch ID, hold the side button and Home button together.

Keep pressing the buttons until a slider appears on the screen.
Move the slider to the right.

Now, your iPhone will shut down promptly.
Let your device rest for a few moments.
To restart your iPhone, press and hold the side button again.
Let go of the button as an Apple logo appears on the screen.

After your device is restarted, see if you can access the App Store or iTunes like before. If not, move on to the next fix.

4. Review the Time and Date on Your Device
While creating an Apple ID, it is highly recommended that you select the correct region. Incorrect time and date settings can also be a potential cause of the your account has been disabled error.

This is because Apple’s servers rely on accurate time and date information to verify your identity and authorize access to your account. If your device’s time and date are incorrect, it can result in account authentication failures.

To revive the time and date settings on your device, do the following:

Access the Settings app on your iPhone.
Head over to the General menu.
Select the Date & Time option.
Toggle on Set Automatically.

If it is already enabled, turn it off for a while and enable it again.
You can also manually adjust the Time Zone settings if desired. But make sure you select the correct region.

After following these steps, restart your iPhone and see if the problem is resolved.

5. Check Restrictions
Many Apple users often forget the restrictions they’ve set on their devices, such as Screen Time. These restrictions could be responsible for account has been disabled issue on your iPhone.

If you’ve enabled any such Screen Time settings in the past, then follow these steps:

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
Go to the Screen Time menu.
Select Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Tap the iTunes & App Store Purchases option.
Enter your Screen Time Passcode if required.
Now, make sure all the parameters of STORE PURCHASES & RE-DOWNLOADS are set to Allow.
Also, set the REQUIRED PASSWORD feature to Don’t Require.

Restrictions allow you to control various features and settings on your device, including access to the App Store and iTunes. Once disabled, you should not have any trouble opening the App Store or iTunes on your devices.

6. Review and Update Your Payment Methods
There is a slight chance that an expired or invalid payment method is triggering the your account has been disabled message in the App Store and iTunes. This usually happens when a user has recently updated their credit card information or their card has expired.

But don’t worry; you can easily manage this problem by following our detailed guide on fixing payment-related issues on the App Store or iTunes.

After verifying the factors discussed above, see if you can reaccess the App Store or iTunes like before.

7. Address Unpaid Charges
While you’re at it, also check if you have any unpaid charges associated with your Apple ID. These charges may include unpaid app purchases, subscriptions, or even unpaid iCloud storage fees.

Payment dues also sometimes prevent the user from accessing the App Store and iTunes. Here’s what you’ve to do:

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
Tap your profile from the top.
Select Media & Purchases to proceed.
Verify yourself via Face ID or Touch ID.
Choose View Account when prompted.
From the Account Settings menu, tap Purchase History.

Here, you will find all of the remaining dues.
If any, clear all unpaid charges one by one.

After you have carefully addressed all outstanding payments, try to open the App Store and iTunes.

8. Check Parental Controls & Restrictions
With Parental Controls enabled for your Apple ID, you can only access the allowed apps, features, and content. If you’re using Family Sharing or have parental controls enabled on your device, these settings may be causing the your account has been disabled issue.

Here’s how you can verify this for your Apple ID:

Head to the Settings app on your iPhone.
Access the Screen Time menu.
Scroll down and tap Content & Privacy Restrictions.
Choose the Content Restrictions option.

If prompted, enter your Screen Time Passcode.
Now check if there are any restrictions preventing you from accessing the App Store or iTunes.

In case something looks fishy, your Apple ID must be under Parental Control. To disable or adjust it, you must contact the person managing the Parental Controls on your device (usually a parent or guardian).

9. Log Out and Back Into the Apple ID
There’s nothing better than the good old log-out and log-in trick. If you’re still unable to access the App Store and iTunes on your iPhone even after trying a series of solutions, do the following:

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
Choose your Apple ID from the top.
Scroll down and tap Sign Out.

Enter your password and follow the instructions as suggested.
After you’ve signed out of your device, restart it.
Now open the Settings app and tap Sign In.

This process will get rid of any authentication issues tampering with the performance of your device and refresh your account as well.

10. Contact Apple Support
By now, we’ve tried everything possible to solve this issue. If you are still unable to open the App Store and iTunes on your device, consider contacting Apple Support. The trained executives will get to the root cause of this problem and provide you with a swift resolution.

During the discussion, describe all the fixes you’ve tried so far. This will help them understand the problem better and save your time as well.

Enjoy Your Favorite Apps and Media Again!
I understand how frustrating issues like your account has been disabled in the App Store or iTunes can be. However, with the proper knowledge and a little patience, you can handle it swiftly. By following the solutions discussed in this blog, you should hopefully be able to get your App Store and iTunes account up and running again in no time. 

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How to Fix Your Account Has Been Disabled in the App Store or iTunes

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