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How to find your iPhone quickly with your Apple Watch

Apple’s ecosystem has a whole bunch of benefits for those who go all-in and make it the centre of their tech world. If you use an iPhone alongside a Mac, an Apple Watch, an iPad and some AirPods, everything basically talks to each other.
The iPhone and Apple Watch pairing is perhaps the tightest, though, and it can come particularly in handy if you’re prone to leaving your phone behind. Your Apple Watch can help you quickly find it in a couple of ways.
How to find your iPhone using Apple Watch The key to finding your iPhone is Apple’s ingenious Find My system, which has its own Apple Watch app that you can open to get a few tools.
See your iPhone’s locationIf you’re not at all sure where your iPhone is and you’d like to see its location on a map, follow these steps.
Open the Find My app on your Apple Watch Tap on your iPhone in the list of devices If the iPhone can be located, it’ll have a map for you to see at this point, along with details of when it was last located there, and how much charge it has left if any.
If it cannot be located, though, you won’t get a map to look at, and will instead be told that it doesn’t have a location.
Play a sound from your iPhoneThe simplest way to locate your phone, and the quickest if you know it’s in the room with you, or nearby, is to play a sound from your phone to help you locate it.
Open the Find My app on your Apple Watch Tap on your iPhone in the list of devices Tap on Play Sound If your iPhone is connected to the internet either on Wi-Fi or cellular, you should soon hear it ring out with a pretty loud alert to help you locate it. If it’s not online, for whatever reason, it’ll play the sound the next time it does connect to the internet.
There’s also a shortcut for this side of things – from your Apple Watch’s home screen or in any app, if you swipe up from the bottom of the watch to access your quick settings, there’s a button that looks like an iPhone with sound waves coming out of it.
Tapping on this will make your iPhone play a sound, without you needing to swap to the Find My app, and is a super quick way to find it. Best of all, if you hold down on the button, your iPhone will also flash its LED flash at the same time as the sound alert, for even more help in finding it.


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