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How to change your Android Auto view

Android Auto is a huge upgrade over the vast majority of infotainment systems shipped in cars these days, and a seriously smooth way to get your directions and take messages while in your car.

That said, you might be stuck using the default version of Android Auto, yearning for some changes to its layout so that you can stop swiping around to find the apps you use the most. Here’s how to customise your Android Auto view.

How to change your Android Auto layout
Android Auto is primarily about navigation – after all, it’s basically a tool to help you avoid getting lost. The default layout for Android Auto’s home page has Google Maps in a large tile on the left of the display, with two other smaller widgets on the right covering media controls and some extra destination options.

That was fixed for a long time, but the latest version of Android Auto opens up the possibility of a change, swapping the positions so that those controls are closer to you. Here’s how to change it.

In your car, connect Android Auto Tap on the app drawer at the bottom left of the display (nine dots) Tap on the Settings app Scroll to Change layout and tap on it Choose between Media closer to driver or Navigation closer to driver This basically toggles between those two options, and you can always back out and have a look at your home screen to compare and contrast them.

This doesn’t make for the biggest change, admittedly, but it’s a handy way of swapping things around if you only ever tend to reach for your Android Auto controls to skip a track on Spotify, for example.

How to change your Android Auto app order
If your beef with Android Auto isn’t around the home-screen layout, but instead centres on the order of apps that it lists when you open the app drawer, there’s good news there too – you can change it!

This one is handled from your smartphone, as follows.

On your Android, open the Settings app Search for “Android Auto” and tap the top result Tap on Customize Launcher Tap on Launcher sorting Choose A-Z order or tap Custom to drag them into your own order This will let you decide exactly in what order the apps appear when you expand the list, making it easier to choose an order that features your most-used apps or the most useful ones in a pinch.


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