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How to change iPhone default notification sound in iOS 17.2

One of Apple’s not-so-subtle changes with iOS 17 is the change in iPhone’s default notification sound – which…

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How to find your parked car with Apple Maps on iPhone

If you’ve ever parked your car in an unfamiliar location and later struggled to find it, then you may be happy to learn Apple Maps app includes a feature that helps you quickly locate and return to your parked car quickly. The parked car feature uses Bluetooth or CarPlay. Basically, when you disconnect your iPhone […]

How to force enable flash in iPhone 15 Camera app

Are you tired of missing the perfect shot due to your iPhone’s unpredictable auto-flash feature? If you own an iPhone 15 or select older models, you’re not alone in experiencing frustration with the hit-or-miss nature of the default flash setting. Fortunately, you can force enable flash to ensure your photos are always well-lit. In this […]

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