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How to Automatically Forward Text Messages to Another Phone or PC on Android

If you use two phones and want to access the messages received by the first phone on the second one as well, you can consider manually forwarding them. However, an efficient way to do it is to set up a service that lets you automatically forward text messages to another phone.

And in this guide, we’ll show you an easy way to set up such a service, so that you can automatically forward SMS from one phone to another. Along with that, we’ll also show you how to auto-forward messages to a PC or an Email address. So let’s get started.

What Does Auto Forward SMS Mean
It’s simple – when you set up an auto-forward service, you receive all the messages sent to the first phone, on to your second phone as well. Apart from the initial setup process, there is no manual intervention required too. Auto forward services are natively present on email, but require some workaround on an Android device.

Unfortunately, Android does not allow you to automatically forward text messages via native features. Hence, we will download a third-party app called Auto Forward SMS to do the same.

Things to Know About the Auto Forward SMS App
Before downloading the Auto forward SMS app on your Android device, here’s everything that you need to know about the app.

The app requires the following permissions:

Allow to receive SMS messages and trigger redirect after message arrival.
Allow to receive WAP messages and trigger redirect after WAP message arrival.
Allow the app to send SMS messages and to redirect to another phone.
Allows the app to read SMS information.
While you grant these permissions, the developers of the application clearly state that they don’t store any SMS data. While there is no official way to ensure they do it, all we can do is believe their word and be mindful of what we do.

Now that you know all there is, you can proceed to download the app using the link below and move on to the next section to set up the service.

Download Auto Forward SMS to PC/Phone

How to Auto Forward All Text Messages to Phone or PC
Here’s how you can auto-forward all text messages to another phone or PC (via email) using your Android Device.

Step 1: Open the newly downloaded Auto Forward SMS app. Provide the auto start and battery optimization permissions.

Step 2: To begin with, sign in with your Google Account.

Step 3: Next, tap on the plus icon to get started.

Step 4: Now, you need to enter the details for automatically forwarding the text messages.

If you want to auto-forward text messages to another phone, add the phone number.
If you want to auto-forward text messages to PC via Email, enter the Email address.
Step 5: After you add the details, tap on the tick button.

Step 6: The filter is now created.

This is how to auto-forward all text messages to another phone or PC. However, this might end up adding a lot of messages to your inbox, and you might prefer some filtering. Move on to the next section and learn how to do it using the same app.

How to Auto Forward Specific Text Messages to Phone or PC Using Filters
Here’s how you can auto-forward specific text messages from your Android device. Let’s get started.

Step 1: To modify and add filters to an existing setup, swipe right on the filter to find the edit button, or if you want to create a new one, tap on the plus icon.

Step 3: To create a set of rules while you auto-forward messages, tap on the Detailed Settings button.

Step 4: Now, select all the kinds of text messages that you want to auto-forward. Once you do that, tap on Next.

Step 5: Now you need to add the details for where to automatically forward your text messages. Tap on the dropdown button to add the information.

If you want to auto-forward text messages to another phone, add the phone number.
If you want to auto-forward text messages to PC via Email, then enter the Email address.
You can also choose other services like ICQ, Telegram, etc.

Step 6: To add another phone number or an email to auto-forward text messages to, tap on the plus icon and repeat the procedure.

Step 7: Next, you can choose to auto-forward text messages sent from specific contacts. If you want to auto-forward all incoming messages, check the topmost box as annotated in the screenshot.

Step 8: The filter also allows you to set a rule, using which SMS containing specific words will be auto-forwarded to your device. You can also add multiple rules like this by selecting the OR option.

Tap on the tick option when done.

Step 9: Your filter is now created, and text messages will be auto-forwarded based on the set filter. You can tap on the filter to send a test message.

Step 10: If you want to edit or delete the filter, you can swipe left to find the options to do so.

That was everything you need to know about auto-forwarding text messages from your Android device to another phone or a PC via Email. However, if you have more questions, take a look at our FAQ section.

FAQs on Auto Forward Text Messages on an Android Device
1. Can you auto-forward SMS from Android to iPhone? Yes, using the Auto Forward SMS app, you can auto-forward an SMS to your iPhone as well.
2. Can you auto-forward text messages on an iPhone? Yes, but only to another iPhone.
3. Does auto-forwarding text messages require an internet connection? Unless you are auto-forwarding text messages to an email address, you do not need an internet connection.

Auto Forward Text Messages With Ease
We hope this guide helped you set up an auto-forward service for text messages on your Android device. While the app does a good job, we would appreciate it if Android includes this feature natively on its operating system. Henceforth, we wouldn’t have to be that concerned regarding the privacy and reliability of the service.

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