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How to add widgets to your Lock Screen in iPadOS 17

Apple is all about the widgets these days. There are widgets for your iPhone home screen, widgets for your Mac, and even widgets for your Apple Watch. As an iPhone user, you’ve even been able to add widgets to your Lock Screen since the release of iOS 16.

Now it’s the iPad’s turn. Lock Screen widgets are a new feature in iPadOS 17 that give you same ability to add widgets to your lock screen that you already have with your iPhone. And with a larger screen to work with, you can add more widgets on iPad than you can iPhone. If you’re ready to get your widget on, then here’s how to add widgets to your Lock Screen in iPadOS 17.

In iOS 16, Apple introduced the ability to add widgets to the Lock Screen of your iPhone. It meant that even when your iPhone was locked, you could still see useful information from your favourite widgets, such as the current weather, the latest news headlines, or your calendar events. The feature didn’t make it onto the iPad, however.

With the release of iPadOS 17, Lock Screen widgets are finally making it to the larger screen real estate of the iPad. What’s more, you can take advantage of interactive widgets that you can interact with even when your iPad is locked. These widgets allow you to perform actions such as turning on lights in the Home widget, checking off Reminders, or playing or pausing songs.

Adding widgets to your Lock Screen in iPadOS 17 is very similar to how you do it on iPhone, although the layout is a little different. That’s because, unlike on the iPhone, you can view your Lock Screen widgets in landscape as well as portrait.

Open the Lock Screen of your iPad but don’t unlock it. Tap and hold the screen. Tap the Customise button that appears. Select Lock Screen. Tap the Add Widgets button. Select one of the suggested widgets, or tap one of the listed apps to add a widget for that app. Select the style of widget you want to use from the available options and tap it or drag it into the widget bar. Repeat for any additional widgets that you want to add. If you want to remove a widget, tap the X icon in the top left corner of the widget. When you’ve added all the widgets you want, tap the X icon in the widget selection window to close it or tap the screen anywhere outside of this window. Tap Done and your new Lock Screen is saved.

Once you’ve added widgets to your Lock Screen, you’ll be able to see them any time you wake your iPad without unlocking it.

Tap the screen or press the top button on your iPad to wake your iPad. Don’t unlock your iPad and your widgets will be displayed on the Lock Screen. Tap a widget to open the associated app; you’ll need to unlock your iPad to do so. For interactive widgets, you can interact without opening the app or unlocking your iPad. For example, with a Reminders widget, you can mark a Reminder as completed just by tapping it in the interactive widget.


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