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Get the Official ChatGPT for iPhone & iPad Now

iPhone and iPad users now have an official ChatGPT app they can download and use on their devices, giving full ChatGPT access directly from an app, without needing to use the web, any third party apps, wrappers, or tools.

And, because Apple Silicon Macs can run iPhone apps, this means that the Mac has access to an official ChatGPT app now as well, assuming you have an M1, M2, or better Mac anyway.

While anyone can use ChatGPT on any device via the website, a dedicated app is easier and preferable for some users. iPad and iPhone users have long been able to use ChatGPT from the web, but now with the dedicated ChatGPT app from OpenAI, you can have an even smoother experience on iPhone and iPad.

ChatGPT for iOS and iPadOS is free to download and use, but if you wish to have access to GPT 4 and other advanced features, you will need to pay OpenAI for a subscription to access those capabilities.

Just launch ChatGPT, log in with a free OpenAI account, and away you go. You can immediately start using ChatGPT directly on your device, with any kind of query or question you come up with. To get started, try one of the following type of queries for ChatGPT:

What can you do for me?
I want to learn about (topic), tell me the 5 most important things to know about (subject) but explain them in simple terms
How should I approach my boss for a raise so that I am most likely to succeed in getting a pay increase? I’m in (industry) and my job title is (position)
Write a letter to the court explaining why I should not have gotten a parking ticket
My neighbor and I are having a dispute over (XYZ), write me a short courteous letter that I can send them to resolve the problem
What are the 10 best sci-fi movies of all time?
Explain to me the difference between AI and LLM
I am thinking of traveling to Florida or California for vacation with my family of two kids and my partner, what are the pros and cons of vacations at each destination?
What are the 10 healthiest vegetables I can plant in my garden? I live in (zone/area) and want specific recommendations for what to grow here
I work for a company that does (description), my job is (job title and description), what are three specific actionable things I could do improve my workflow and help the company the most?
I want to lose 15lbs before my vacation in two months, what is the best way to manage that weight loss?
Write a three page paper on the Spanish Inquisition and what similarities there may be in that time period to the ideological radicalism seen today
I want you to act as my therapist. I am experiencing (describe issue), and I need help understanding it.
I want to be a doctor as soon as possible. What is the path forward so that I can be a practicing doctor in the least amount of time?
I want a job at (company), what would make my resume stand out and give me the best chance at getting an interview?
You get the gist.

ChatGPT is very powerful, and you can treat it like anything from an assistant, to an answer service, to a friend.

ChatGPT for iPhone and iPad has the following blurb attached to the app download:

Introducing ChatGPT for iOS: OpenAI’s latest advancements at your fingertips.

This official app is free (no ads!), syncs your history across devices, and brings you the newest model improvements from OpenAI.

With ChatGPT in your pocket, you’ll find:

· Instant answers

· Tailored advice

· Creative inspiration

· Professional input

· Personalized learning

We’re now in the era of AI, so whether you embrace it, ignore it, love it, or hate it, at least you can now access it easier than ever right from your iPhone or iPad, right?

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Get the Official ChatGPT for iPhone & iPad Now

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