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Best car maintenance apps for iPhone in 2023

It is easy to overlook the blinking engine check light or miss changing the oil with our busy schedules. But what if we have someone to remind us about car maintenance regularly? Well, the best car maintenance apps for iPhones come to the rescue!

You can learn a lot about what parts need your regular attention, what care you need to keep the car running smoothly without trouble, and track your finances. These are some of the best iPhone apps for car maintenance.

Vehicle Maintenance Tracker
Simply Auto
Fuel Monitor Pro

1. CARFAX Car Care – Multiple cars, single app!

Which app lets you monitor service and repair for up to 8 cars at the same time? CARFAX Car Care is the name, my friend. The app reminds you about your car maintenance schedules, from oiling, tires, and brakes to inspections and filters for that matter. It is an ideal app if you have an extended family or own a small car fleet.

Using CARFAX Car Care, you can also find out local auto repair places and estimate your repair cost. What’s more? The app will keep reminding you to finish your tasks on time, making it almost difficult to forget your service schedule!

Price: Free


2. Vehicle Maintenance Tracker – Say no to physical documents!

A simple but useful utility app, Vehicle Maintenance Tracker efficiently keeps records of all your vehicles’ historical maintenance. Keep the app updated with trivial but essential information such as VIN, license plate, year, make, model, tire size, oil filter type, current odometer, total annual maintenance cost for each vehicle, etc.

Vehicle Maintenance Tracker’s best feature is letting you set/view/reset the due date on the vehicle or its different parts that need maintenance. Don’t forget to keep your maintenance receipt updated with your car data. In the long run, I would love to see the quick search option to find my data more quickly.

Price: Free


3. Simply Auto: Mileage Tracker – Helps your car last long!

Trusted by thousands of users worldwide, Simply Auto is a vehicle management app for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and fleets. The app helps monitor your fuel management, notify you about upcoming maintenance, as well as track your other vehicle expenses like your tax-deductible or reimbursable mileage. Yes, it can do that!

Not just that, you can also secure your data by backing it up on Cloud and restoring it when necessary. Moreover, you can schedule weekly or monthly reports as well as export log files as CSV to your device or Google Drive. Fuel tracking is adequate, but what about electric car owners? No worries, you can track your vehicle maintenance in kilowatt-hours.

The best thing about this app is that it supports voice input. All you have to do is speak and the app will enter values for fill-ups.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $1.49)


4. Drivvo: Car Management – App for every automobile!

Drivvo is a one-of-its-kind car maintenance app for iPhone. It delivers total control and management by allowing you to save all your vehicle’s information in one place, from registering taxes, insurance, fines, and financing, to viewing refueling costs, service expenses like oil changes, and more. Back up all your data to the cloud and restore it at your convenience.

The app runs smoothly with not only your car but also a motorcycle, bus, or truck. You can immaculately manage the cost of fuel consumption or service costs using Drivvo. You also get detailed costs such as cost/distance, cost/year, cost/month, cost/day at regular intervals and sync data across various devices. Moreover, it offers an ad-free experience!

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)


5. AUTOsist – Every detailed information in your pocket!

An app with an unlimited car count, AUTOsist lets you monitor any number of vehicles you want. Get reminded about your maintenance (by setting a date or mileage) and maintain records at ease with AUTOsist pretty easily.

With a repair log, fuel tracker, and gas log for each vehicle, it offers you the needed control. You can maintain a complete service history and share it as a PDF. And yes, the custom reminders keep you alerted to your essential tasks. You can also export your data via Excel and back it up via the web portal at

What’s more? The app offers custom checklists for an efficient fleet inspection for quality assurance. Neat!

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $4.99)


6. Fuel Monitor Pro – Your personal virtual car assistant!

I have always wanted an assistant to handle my car servicing and other trivial things. And Fuel Monitor Pro is my assistant cum buddy for monitoring my car-related expenses. From calculating the cost of cars such as fuel, charging, services, and repairs, to other fees like parking, washing, or insurance, the app takes care of everything.

Calculate your fuel expenditures and monitor your electric car consumption, too; handle not just your car but your finances with the app. Set services at different intervals, and intelligently list the due date or odometer that will help you save time and money.

Not just that, you can also secure your data by backing it up on iCloud or Dropbox and restoring it when necessary, even when you are switching to a new phone. Besides, it also allows you to import your vehicle’s data in the .pdf, .csv, and HTML formats.

Price: $1.99


7. ARBA Auto MPG & Car Care – Mileage and expense tracker

ARBA Auto is a great app for monitoring automobile maintenance, mileage, costs, TCO, and fuel consumption. It analyzes your car usage history by month and provides insights and statistical predictions for mileage. Moreover, you can keep track of distance, fuel economy, and battery charging thanks to the in-built TCO and fuel calculator.  

So, manage spending for all your cars including electric and hybrid vehicles more efficiently. You may export your car’s expense data for backup and sharing. I liked the Trip cost calculator which shows you an estimated cost per mile or km. Also, the international travel financial analysis lets you add transactions in foreign currency.  

Besides, the app allows for making car maintenance plans like scheduled maintenance, replacement of spare parts, renewal of insurance, etc. You may also set a reminder for them. Thanks to the large community, interact with other owners of comparable automobiles and advertise your car for sale. The best part most features are free!

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99)


Which iPhone car maintenance app have you picked?
I am a loyal user of CARFAX for quite some time now. The interface is too easy to use and works exceptionally well for me. Also, the reminders, well, they are just perfect. Which app is helping you ride your beast smoothly? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Best car maintenance apps for iPhone in 2023

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