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A Free Custom Wallpaper Tool for Your Android Phone

Ahh — wallpapers. Few digital delights are as simple and satisfying as finding a fun new background for your favorite Android phone.

Well, my friend, have I ever got the treat for you today.

It’s an Android wallpaper app that goes above and beyond basic background territory and brings an intelligent and dynamically changing wallpaper system onto whatever device you’re using.

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It’s a clever twist on a tried-and-true concept. And I’d be willing to wager it’s unlike anything you’ve tried before.

The app is called, fittingly enough, Dynamic Wallpaper.

➜ Once you install it on your phone, it’ll automatically change your phone’s wallpaper based on three different battery-related conditions:

When your battery’s low
When your device is charging
And when your battery is at a normal, healthy level

Anytime your phone moves from one condition to another, the app instantly kicks in and adjusts your wallpaper accordingly — so you’ll always know at a glance which state your phone is in and exactly how your battery life is faring.

The app’s setup is super-simple and will take you roughly 20 seconds to work your way through.

You basically just flip a switch to turn Dynamic Wallpaper on, then either pick from a bunch of ready-to-roll wallpapers (including some with a suspiciously familiar-looking logo!) or create your own trio of custom wallpapers for the three battery conditions.

It’s fun, easy, and even practical — and it’s an awesome occasional change-’em-up from the standard wallpaper setup.

 You can find Dynamic Wallpaper in the Play Store.

It’s completely free to use, without any catches.

The app doesn’t require any unusual permissions and doesn’t collect or share any sort of personal data (or even have access to the internet, for that matter!).

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A Free Custom Wallpaper Tool for Your Android Phone

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