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9 ways Apple Watch can simplify your life

Speaking of featuring shortcuts for your iPhone, the Apple Watch can control your iPhone’s camera. This is particularly useful if you need to record yourself or want to take a group picture. 
One of the apps on the Apple Watch is similar to the iPhone’s camera app. When you open it, it’ll turn on your phone’s camera. The app will has a three-second timer by default so you don’t appear tapping your watch in that selfie. Just prop your iPhone on a table or shelf, or a tripod if you want to get fancy, and you’re ready to control the camera remotely.
To find the camera app on your Apple Watch, simply look through your apps by pressing down on the digital crown, then choose the one with the camera icon. This will open the camera on your iPhone and show a preview of what the camera sees on your watch’s display.
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You can choose from the front or rear camera from your watch, as well as options like flash, live photo, and HDR. Holding down the shutter button will record a video.

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