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5 Best Vlogging Accessories for iPhones: Beginner’s Guide

The latest iPhones have some of the best cameras on a smartphone for recording videos. So, apart from the casual Instagram story, you can use your iPhone for vlogging too which is great for content creators since you don’t have to carry around a huge dedicated camera. If you plan to vlog on the go, you would need some vlogging accessories for your iPhone.

Right from an external mic for better audio to a gimbal to keep your footage stable, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best vlogging accessories for iPhone that you can buy. You can use these gadgets to take your content to the next level.

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With that out of the way, here are some of the best iPhone accessories for vlogging.

1. QIAYA LED Circle Ring Light

One of the most important parameters to produce good videos is lighting. If you’re indoors or shooting in low-light environments, you need a good source of light to ensure the scene or your face is brightly lit. This is where a ring light that clips onto your iPhone comes in handy.

The Qiaya ring light is the first iPhone vlogging accessory that you must get if you record vlogs indoors or at night. It’s also a nice addition to your selfie arsenal since it brightens up your face and makes the image look better. What’s convenient is that this is a clip-on light that doesn’t need to be connected to your iPhone for it to work.

It has a built-in battery that’s rechargeable via a USB cable that’s provided in the box. You get 3 different brightness levels that can be controlled via a button. Since the light is small, it doesn’t add any additional weight to the iPhone while you’re vlogging. For when you’re not vlogging from your iPhone, you can use this light for video calls using your computer which is a bonus.

2. Sensyne Tripod with Ring Light and Bluetooth Controller

The Sensyne Tripod kit is 3 different accessories in one combo, that too at an affordable price point. You’re getting a nice tall tripod, a large ring light that can light up an entire room, and a Bluetooth shutter to remotely capture or start recording from afar.

A tripod is one of the most important accessories for creating videos. This is especially true if you want a still shot or you want to rest the camera and don’t have anyone to hold it for you. This tripod extends up to 50 inches and has a built-in phone mount to keep your iPhone in place.

The ring light is large and has 3 color modes to choose from. Further, the ring light is mounted on top of the tripod itself so you can rest your phone and use the ring light simultaneously. Lastly, you get a Bluetooth remote shutter that you can use to start recording even when the tripod is far away.

This is surely a must-have in your vlogging setup for your iPhone, especially if you’re a solo vlogger. Some reviews say that the tripod can fall over pretty easily. So, make sure you don’t use it outdoors when strong winds are blowing.

3. Maybesta Professional Wireless Lavalier Mic

One aspect that could make it or break it for you when recording videos is the audio. The Maybesta Lavalier mic helps you take the audio in your videos to the next level. There’s a receiver that plugs into the lightning port on your iPhone. Then, you can hook the mic onto your shirt and it captures the audio.

It’s no surprise that the new iPhones don’t have a headphone jack. So, you cannot use conventional mics that connect to a 3.5mm jack. Well, Maybesta has you covered with their lav mic that connects to the lighting port on your iPhone. While the iPhone has a capable mic, a dedicated microphone is always going to give you better audio quality.

This is an omnidirectional condenser mic which is even better when vlogging since it will only record audio coming from one direction — which is you — and cuts off the background noise. It’s an excellent wireless mic to get for beginners, and that too at an affordable price.

Some vlogging accessories go a long way in improving your production quality and this is one of them. You should surely add this to your iPhone vlogging setup for professional audio.

4. Xenvo Pro Wide Angle Lens Kit

Vlogging is mostly about showing yourself along with your surroundings on camera. So, having a wide-angle lens helps. While most new iPhones have a dedicated wide-angle lens on the rear, you can use a lens attachment like this from Xenvo to get a wider field of view from either the primary camera or the front-facing camera for better video quality.

Here’s a clip-on professional lens kit from Xenvo that converts a standard lens into a wide-angle one. Additionally, you also get a macro lens if you wish to capture close-up objects from a different perspective. The lens mount has an LED light built-in to illuminate the scene if it’s too dark.

While there are lots of such lens attachments available in the market, this one stands out as per the reviews since there’s minimal distortion at the edges even with the wide-angle lens. You do get some fish-eye effect which is slightly disappointing, but that’s the case with most wide-angle lens attachments.

5. DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Gimbal

A list of the best vlogging accessories won’t be complete without a gimbal. The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 is one of the best smartphone gimbals for your iPhone that you can buy currently. It is handy, foldable, has a vlogging stabilizer, and multiple features like subject tracking that can help you keep yourself in focus when vlogging.

A gimbal is an excellent companion for videographers since it gives you an extra bit of stability while recording. It also gives you the creative freedom to experiment with different types of shots with sharp movements that don’t appear jerky. If you’re vlogging alone, it’s a helpful accessory that can even act as a tripod.

The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 has a foldable design that is easy to carry. It even has a built-in extension that can convert it into a selfie stick. On the handle of the gimbal, you get some controls to start/stop the recording, zoom in/out, and pan which can be useful to control the camera quickly while recording.

If you want stable footage while vlogging, or you also want to record some action-oriented footage like running, you can consider adding the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 to your vlogging accessories kit. The Osmo Mobile 6 is quite expensive so you can pick up a cheaper alternative in the form of the Hohem 3-Axis smartphone gimbal which also has a good set of features.

FAQs for iPhone Vlogging Accessories
1. Is an iPhone good enough for vlogging? An iPhone is an excellent beginner’s camera for vlogging and recording videos in general. You can pick up any accessories you prefer to further improve the quality before upgrading to a full-fledged camera eventually.
2. Which iPhone camera lens is the best for vlogging? The main rear camera on the iPhone always records in the best quality. So, try to use it as much as possible. The ultra-wide camera or the front-facing camera are also good options, but the video quality may dip, especially in low light.
3. What equipment do vloggers use? Vloggers generally use a tripod or a gimbal for extra stability when recording videos. They also prefer using a good-quality external mic for better audio output. These two gears should suffice if you’re just starting with vlogging.

Take Your Content to the Next Level
It’s important to put the best quality of content out there for your viewers to watch, which is why you can invest in some of these vlogging accessories for your iPhone. These will help you create better videos and in turn, gain more followers. Happy vlogging!

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