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Ping iPhone Not Available On Apple Watch? Not Working? (Fix)

Ping iPhone not available on Apple Watch.

Ping iPhone not available on Apple Watch? The ‘iPhone button’ is missing from the watchOS 9 Control Center? You’re unable to make the paired iPhone ring in order to find it after misplacing it? You’re not alone!
Ping iPhone Missing From Apple Watch?
This issue has been reported by Julia (watchOS 9.5):

“The ping icon is not displayed on the Apple Watch OS 9.5 Series 6.”

We couldn’t replicate this problem but have found a similar report on Reddit.

How To Fix Ping iPhone Not Available
There are a few fixes that you can try to solve this issue. Please try the following:

1. Reboot Devices
Assuming that both iPhone and Apple Watch are updated to the latest available software, perform a force restart:

iPhone: Quickly press & release Volume Up, Volume Down and then press & hold the Side button until the Apple logo shows up on the screen!
Apple Watch: Press & hold Side Button + Digital Crown until the Apple logo is shown on the screen!

Now: open Control Center on Apple Watch and see if the Ping iPhone button is available!

2. Check Settings
Next, you should check if Ping iPhone is enabled in the watchOS Control Center:

1. Swipe-up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the Control Center.
2. Scroll down and tap Edit.
3. Look for Ping iPhone in the list. If it has a green ‘+’ icon, tap it to add the button to the list!

Tip: You can drag & drop the Ping iPhone icon to the desired position in the list!

Does this help? Share it in the comments.

Ping iPhone Icon Missing?

The Ping my iPhone button is added to the Control Center but the icon is missing? Apparently. this is a minor watchOS 9 bug that has been reported, across various iterations.

Fix: the common solution is to power Apple Watch off and the back On, or to force restart it.

Ping iPhone Not Working?
Other users complain that although the button is available, it’s inactive and iPhone won’t be pinged!

Fact: For Ping my iPhone to work the two devices have to be connected. They have to be either in Bluetooth range or on the same Wi-Fi network!

Important: Make sure that neither Apple Watch or iPhone are in AirPlane Mode. If nothing checks, it means that you’re too far away from your iPhone, the two devices are disconnected and the ping function can’t be triggered!

Have you managed to fix ping iPhone not available, not working on Apple Watch? Do you have a better solution? Share it in the comments!

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Ping iPhone Not Available On Apple Watch? Not Working? (Fix)

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