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How to Record a Phone Call on Your iPhone or Android Phone

Our memories are imperfect, so it can be helpful to record important calls. As a journalist, I often record phone calls to preserve a subject’s words. It is surprising how often there are differences when I check my impressions against what was actually said. If you expect perfect recall of the details of a meeting, you must record it. There are various ways to record a phone call on your iPhone or Android phone, and I’ve tried them all. These are your best options.
The laws on recording phone calla vary from country to country, and for the US, from state to state. Sometimes consent is required from both parties. Sometimes consent from one person on the call is enough. Recording a call you are not participating in is generally illegal. For folks in the US, this law firm document breaks it down clearly. Check your legal obligations before you record any calls.
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Use the Phone App (Android)
Xiaomi via Simon Hill
Some Android phones offer call recording built right into Google’s Phone app, or the manufacturer’s phone app. Whether it appears for you depends on your phone manufacturer, carrier, and the region you are in. Here’s how to use the feature if you have it:


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