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How to permanently delete photos from iPhone and iPad

It is an unfiltered truth that your photos and videos take up all storage in your iPhone and…

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How to create and customize your Contact Poster in iOS 17

Macworld One of iOS 17’s coolest new features is the Contact Poster. It’s a large-screen visual you can customize–similar to your Lock Screen–that displays on other iPhone users’ screens when you call them or when they display your contact information. Apple’s making it easy to share it with others…you can swaps Contact Posters just by […]

How to Share AirTag with Others on iPhone in iOS 17

Apple AirTag is a great solution for an iPhone user to keep track of valuable items. You can attach one to your home keys or put another in your backpack, and you won’t ever have to worry about them getting lost. The AirTag already delivers excellent functionality, but with iOS 17, Apple has added one […]

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