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How to permanently delete photos from iPhone and iPad

It is an unfiltered truth that your photos and videos take up all storage in your iPhone and…

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How To Lock Chrome Incognito Tabs With Face ID on iPhone

Several users still prefer Chrome over Safari on their iPhones and iPads. To cater to these users, Google keeps adding features to the Chrome browser that have the edge over Safari. While, Safari vs. Chrome is a debate for another day, the latest addition to Chrome allows users to lock incognito tabs using Face ID […]

Here’s Why Some Apps Are Not Working On Your iPhone [Solved]

Speaking from experience, assessing why some apps are not working on your iPhone could get annoying as you try various solutions. You’ll have to check several software and hardware issues, after all. If you don’t want to waste time running needless tests, follow these troubleshooting steps—they address the most common causes of app crashes. Why […]

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