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How to get “Action Button” on any iPhone

The Action Button is a welcome addition to the iPhone 15 Pro series, letting you do all sorts…

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Where to Find Telegram Downloaded Files on Android, iPhone, and PC

Typically, when you receive a file in the Telegram app, downloading it should save it to your phone and you should be able to access it from the Gallery app or File Manager. However, that doesn’t happen for most users. So where do the Telegram downloaded files go on Android, iPhone, and PC? Let’s find […]

Wallpaper Not Showing On iPhone Lock Screen? (iOS 17 Fix!)

Wallpaper missing on iPhone in iOS 17 Stock wallpaper not showing on iPhone after iOS 17 update? Old wallpapers not available in the gallery? Both Home and Lock Screen are missing the wallpaper photo and show a black screen instead? Wallpaper Not Showing On iPhone? This issue has been recently reported by Mario: “Just installed […]

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