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How to Choose a Different Map in Apple Maps

Apple Maps has improved significantly in recent years – and for many iPhone users, this app is now the go-to when looking for directions. Besides using it on your smartphone, you’ve also got access to Apple Maps on your iPad and Mac.

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You probably knew that you could search for how to get from Point A to B in Apple Maps. But did you know that you can choose different maps in the app?

This article will identify the different types of maps you can use in Apple Maps. You’ll also learn how to change between these on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. If that sounds interesting to you, let’s hop in and get started.

Which Maps Are Available?
In Apple Maps, you can choose from four different maps. The first is Explore, which you have turned on by default. This effectively combines two of the other three maps, and you’ll also see where various buildings are – such as restaurants and cafés.

Driving is another map you can choose; as you may have guessed from the name, this specifically focuses on where you might need to deal with high levels of traffic and road closures.

The third map you can choose on Apple Maps is Public Transport. When you choose this map, you’ll see the public transport routes for the region you’re hovering over. You’ll also see intercity services.

You can also choose Satellite, which will show what each area looks like from above. Important areas, such as parks and theaters, are marked on the app.

How to Choose a Different Map in Apple Maps for iPhone

Let’s start with how to adjust this feature on your iPhone. Follow these steps to achieve your desired result:

Click on the top icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen. What you see will differ depending on the map you’ve chosen; in our example, it looks like a folded map.
A pop-up window called Choose Map will appear. Select the map you’d like to view when it does.
Your map will change in the background. Once it does, you can click on the x icon and start viewing the areas you want to.
How to Choose a Different Map in Apple Maps for iPad
If you want to choose a different map on your iPad, the process is pretty similar to doing so on your iPhone. Follow these instructions:

1. Click on the top icon in the top right-hand corner above the location symbol. It’ll be in the top right regardless of whether your iPad is horizontal or vertical.

2. The Choose Map window will appear; pick the map you want to change to.

3. Click on the x icon after you’ve selected the map you want to view.

How to Choose a Different Map in Apple Maps for Mac
Apple Maps has a slightly different layout on Mac devices than it does on iOS and iPad. Nonetheless, changing maps is not too challenging. Below are the steps you need to follow:

1. In the toolbar at the top of your screen, select the map mode icon.

2. Choose the map you want to change to.

3. When your map has changed, you can click anywhere on the main map to close the pop-up window.

Change Your Map View Easily in Apple Maps
Apple Maps is an incredibly useful tool, and you should find getting around much easier once you start using it. Most people will find the Explore map handy, but you might sometimes want to pick one that doesn’t focus on everything at once.

You’ve got four maps to choose from in Apple Maps, and all of them are useful for different situations. Now that you’ve read this article, you’ve got all the information you need to pick something that fits your needs. And if you later decide to change your map back to the default, you can follow these steps in reverse.

Danny is a freelance writer who has been using Apple products for over a decade. He’s written for some of the largest technology publications on the web and previously worked as an in-house writer before carving his own route. Danny grew up in the UK, but now writes about tech from his Scandinavian base.


How to Choose a Different Map in Apple Maps

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