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How to Change Your Apple Watch Band

Are you bored with your regular, not-so-attractive Apple Watch band that comes bundled in the box? Well, you are not alone. Along with offering many useful features, Apple Watch also allows users to change the Apple Watch band to match their personality. So, if you have bought a new strap or planning to, this guide is for you. We have detailed how you can change your Apple Watch strap easily.

How to Remove Apple Watch Band

While changing your Apple Watch band may seem a daunting task, it is pretty straightforward in real. First, let’s learn how to remove the iWatch band:

1. Take off the Apple Watch from your wrist.

2. Place the Apple Watch upside down on a clean flat surface.

3. Press and hold the “Band Release” button with your finger.

4. While holding the button, slide the Apple Watch band in either direction (left or right) to remove it from the slot.

5. Perform the same operation for the band on the other side as well.

How to Install Apple Watch Band

Now that you have successfully removed the band from your Apple Watch, it is time to learn how to add a new Apple Watch strap to your watch. Below, we have detailed how to change the Apple Watch band:

1. Again, place the Apple Watch on a clean flat surface.

2. Align the new band with the Apple Watch’s band slot (slightly at an angle). Here, remember that the side of the band that contains text (band size and wrist size) should be toward the sensors.

3. Now, slide the new band into the slot until you hear a click sound.

4. Perform the same operation for the other side band as well.

And that’s it. This is how you can easily replace an Apple Watch band. Also, read our other Apple Watch guides, like how to use Google Maps on Apple Watch, to learn what more you can do with your Apple Watch.

How to Choose the Apple Watch Band Size

So, now you know how to change your Apple Watch band, but how do you determine what band size is most appropriate for your Apple Watch? Well, we have simplified the answer to this question here:

First, you need to know the size of your Apple Watch. If you are unsure about it, you can, at any time, just flip the watch over and look at the text around the sensors. You will find the size of your Apple Watch band here, as shown in our Watch Ultra here.

Once you know the size of your Apple Watch, refer to this guide to learn what size band is compatible with your wearable. Here are your choices:

Buy a 41mm band if you own a 38mm, 40mm, or 41mm Apple Watch 8, 7, SE, or whatever version.

Buy a 45mm band if you own a 42mm, 44mm, 45mm, or 49mm Apple Watch Ultra, 8, or lower variant.
While you can buy 45mm bands for your new Apple Watch Ultra, the company suggests you only do that for everyday, casual use. If you plan on using the Watch Ultra for its intended purpose, i.e. sports activity and stuff, you should get a 49mm band.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 44mm watch too big for a woman? The size of the Apple watch depends on your wrist size; if you have a standard-sized wrist, go for a 41mm Apple Watch, and if you have a large wrist size, go for a bigger one.
How do I know if my Apple Watch is 40mm or 44mm? To determine the size of your Apple Watch, simply flip it and check the engraving on the back.


How to Change Your Apple Watch Band

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