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How to Add, Change, Remove, and Rearrange Apple Watch Widgets on WatchOS 10

After the iPhone and iPad, Apple has added Smart Stack widgets to the Apple Watch. You can access them by swiping up on your watch face and they will change automatically during the day. There’s the date and time widget at the top that you cannot remove. But other widgets are customizable. Let’s learn how to add, change, remove, and edit Apple Watch widgets on WatchOS 10+.
How to Add Widgets on Apple Watch Apple Watch widgets show you important information at a glance without opening the associated app. If you want more information, simply tap on a widget to open its app.
To add new widgets to the Smart Stack widget list of Apple Watch, follow these steps:
1. Swipe up on your Apple Watch or rotate the Digital Crow to open the Smart stack widget screen.
2. Long press on any widget until the widgets start shaking.
3. Tap on the + Plus button at the top to add new widgets. You will be greeted by the featured widgets at the top. Tap on a widget if you would like to add one of those.
4. Or, scroll down and you will see widgets from the other apps. Tap on an app whose widget you want to add. Some apps have multiple widgets. Scroll down to see other widgets. Then, tap on the widget that you want to add to your Smart Stack list.
5. Press the Digital Crown or the Done button at the top to add the widget to the Smart Stack.
Note: You can add seven big and three small widgets to your watch. Once the limit is reached, you will be asked to remove a widget before you can add more.
How to Remove Widgets from Apple Watch To delete a widget from the Smart Stack list on your Apple Watch, follow these steps:
1. Open the widget screen by swiping up or by rotating the Digital Crown on your watch.
2. Long press on any widget. Then, tap on the red (-) minus icon on the widget that you want to remove from the list.
3. Press the Done button to save the changes. You can always re-add a widget after removing it as shown above, in case you have second thoughts.
Note: You cannot remove the date and time widget present at the top of the widget list.
How to Rearrange Widgets on Apple Watch As mentioned earlier, the widgets on the watch are mainly a Smart Stack list which means the widgets will change their position automatically through the day based on the time, location, and your activity, and as a result, you will see the relevant widget at the top.
So basically, you cannot rearrange widgets on your watch. However, Apple gives you an option to pin your favorite widgets. Pinning a widget means that it will appear at the top of the Smart Stack widget list. Importantly, the pinned widgets can be rearranged.
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Pin and Rearrange Widgets on Apple Watch Follow these steps to pin and rearrange widgets:
1. Open the widgets screen on your Apple Watch.
2. Long press on a widget and tap on the yellow pin icon on the widget to make it a pinned widget. The pinned widgets have Pinned text on them. Tap on the grey pin icon to unpin a widget.
Now, if you want to rearrange the pinned widgets, first, long press on any existing widget. Then, hold and drag the pinned widget to keep it above or below another pinned widget.
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How to Change Widgets on Apple Watch To change widgets on the Apple Watch, you need to first remove the existing widget and then replace it with a new widget.
To change the small widgets present at the bottom of the widget list, long press on any one of those tiny widgets. Then, tap on the red (-) icon on the widget to remove the widget. Tap on the (+) icon to add a new widget, which will replace the older one.
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Frequently Asked Questions 1. Is there a way to customize Apple Watch Smart Stacks widgets from the iPhone Watch app?
No, you can customize watch widgets only from the watch itself.
2. How to open the Control Center on Apple Watch?
Press the Side button on your Apple Watch to open the Control Center as swipe up has been replaced by widgets.
3. How to add battery widget to Apple Watch?
Go to the widget screen and long-press any widget. Scroll down to the bottom of the widget list and remove any existing small widgets. Tap on the (+) icon followed by battery percentage widget in the Featured widgets list.
Customize Apple Watch Face That’s how to use and customize widgets on Apple Watch. Before you go, learn how to add or remove complications from the Apple Watch. Also, know how to change analog to digital clock on Apple Watch.
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