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Download the iPhone 15 wallpapers here

On Tuesday, September 12, 2023, Apple announced the newest handset, iPhone 15. With new color ways, each device “regular” and “Pro” were advertised with a series of color matching iPhone 15 wallpapers. These marketing backgrounds rarely make their way to the corresponding iOS version, but you can download them here.

iPhone 15 wallpaper series

Apple is very much leaning into the switch from medical grade stainless steel to a rougher, Titanium finish. Metal is the first call out on the advertising webpage. This design language in the Titanium hero copy content is captured in the dusty iPhone 15 Pro advertising wallpapers below.

Naturally, the A17 chip is upgraded to make the new iPhone the fastest. A new camera in the iPhone 15 Pro is going to support 5x optical zoom. Apple Watch is sharing its Action button, which will allow for a programmable physical button. Program the Action button for things like silent mode, focus, camera, flashlight, voice memos and more. It will even be able to run a Shortcut or run a series of tasks.

And, of course, who can over look the switch to USB-C…which Apple is touting as USB 3 for faster data transfer speeds. This specifically comes in handy if you are offloading large media files. Speaking of fast, the WiFi 6E capability is offering a 2x improvement in wireless speeds, so long as you also have a WiFi 63 access point.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 pro devices will natively ship with iOS 17, which is set to take advantage of the new hardware.

The handiwork of @AR72014, you can access all 10 of the individual iPhone 15 wallpapers below.

iPhone 15 wallpapers

iPhone 15 Pro wallpapers

iPhone 15 Pro Blue Titanium wallpaper


White Titanium iPhone 15 Pro wallpaper


Natural Titanium iPhone 15 Pro wallpaper


iPhone 15 Pro Black Titanium wallpaper


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Download the iPhone 15 wallpapers here

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