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What is Training Load in watchOS 11 and how does it work? 

With watchOS 11, Apple introduced the new Training Load feature in the Workout app to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts keep tabs on their workout intensity. In simple terms, the Training Load feature offers better insight into how the intensity and duration of your workout session impact your body. Read on to learn what Training […]

iPhone Keeps Connecting With Other iPhones? Here’s How to Stop It

Does your iPhone automatically buzz and prompt you to share your contact card or show an “AirDrop:” or “You’re now connected to” message with a stranger’s name when in a crowded environment where your iPhone might brush against others? It’s likely NameDrop, a new iOS 17 feature designed for easy contact sharing when nearby, but […]

How to remotely take control of an iPhone or iPad

In this tutorial, we will show you how to use the new iOS 18 Remote Control feature to see another iPhone’s screen on your iPhone and control that phone from miles away! This also works with iPads. Imagine your parents need help doing something on their iPhone or iPad, and no amount of verbal assistance […]

How to Remove Symbols or Icons From Samsung Keyboard

Quick Tips There are two kinds of symbols or icons on Samsung Keyboard – special characters or icons in the tools. You can remove both of them. Go to Settings > General Management > Keyboard list and default > Samsung Keyboard > Layout and turn off Alternative characters. To remove the toolbar, go to Settings […]

How to Use Deep Sleeping Apps on Samsung Phone

Samsung definitely makes the best Android phone in the market. The Samsung Galaxy series is very popular due to its inexpensive price tags and amazing features. On Samsung Galaxy phones, you get a feature to check your battery health, enable the battery saver to reduce battery drain, etc. While using my Samsung Galaxy phone, I […]

How to turn your Android tablet into a virtual keyboard in 2024

Key Takeaways Android virtual keyboard features real-time autocorrect and language-switching features for convenience. The built-in trackpad on the Android tablet can be used as a mouse alternative. The app "Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse" allows easy setup to use the tablet as a virtual keyboard. Did you know you could use your Android tablet as a […]

How to generate live transcriptions in iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia

Ever wished you could transcribe a meeting or lecture on the fly? With iOS 18 and macOS Sequoia, you can finally do it. The Notes and Voice Memos apps now feature live audio transcriptions, which allows you to record and get automatic transcripts for your notes or meetings effortlessly. You can also search through the […]

How to download Instagram stories on iPhone: Safe and easy methods

Ever come across an Instagram story you wanted to save for later? Whether it’s your own story or someone else’s, downloading Instagram stories on your iPhone is easier than you might think. In this article, we’ll show you all the ways to download Instagram stories on your iPhone. Let’s begin! How to download your Instagram […]

How to stop WhatsApp from taking up too much space on your iPhone

Is WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business taking too much space on your phone? In this tutorial, we will share eight easy tips to manage your WhatsApp photos, videos, and files to free up tons of local space on your iPhone or Android phone. The app size for WhatsApp is about 200 MB, but this number can […]

How to Turn Off the iPhone’s Always-On Display

The iPhone’s Always On Display keeps the clock and iOS lock screen visible at all times. If you don’t want that, disabling the feature requires only a quick trip to the settings menu. How-To Geek