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How To WhatsApp Message Yourself on iPhone And Android

WhatsApp message yourself on iPhone

Do you know that you can WhatsApp message yourself on iPhone and Android? Meta has recently rolled out this feature to all iOS and Android users allowing you to use the instant messaging platform as a to-do list or notes app!
How To WhatsApp Message Yourself On iPhone
First of all, make sure that you’re running WhatsApp version 22.24.81 or later. (direct App Store link).

Then proceed as follows:

1. Open WhatsApp on iPhone and make sure that you view the Chats tab.
2. Tap on the New Conversation icon, in the top-right corner of the screen.
3. Use the Search field and search for yourself. (Use the name that your info is saved as contact on iPhone, or you can search by typing your own phone number).
Tip: You’ll now it’s you because the WhatsApp Message yourself label will be displayed under your name, instead of the Last Seen info.

4. A new chat with yourself window opens up. Write the info that you want to save for later and hit send.
Fact: The text shows up instantly and is marked as seen, without showing up as a duplicate!

How To Pin WhatsApp Chat With Yourself
To make messaging yourself even more easier and straightforward, you can pin the ‘chat with myself’ at the top of your WhatsApp conversations:

1. Find the messages with yourself in the list.
2. Swipe-right on the thread to unveil additional options.
3. Tap Pin!
Tip: When you saved important info that you don’t want to forget about, like a to-do list or a quick reminder, you can use the Unread option from the same menu to make the chat stand out even more!

How To Forward WhatsApp Message To Yourself
You can also forward important info from other conversations to yourself and save them for later:

1. Touch & hold a message bubble, to unveil the quick actions.
2. Select Forward and check the parts from the conversation that you want to forward.
3. Tap the forward arrow, in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
4. Select yourself from the Recent Chats or Frequently Contacted list, or use Search.
5. Tap Forward!

What do you thing about this new WhatsApp message yourself feature on iPhone? Do you find it useful? Do you plan to use it. Do you have any problems with it? Share your feedback in the comments.

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How To WhatsApp Message Yourself on iPhone And Android

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