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How to Use the Analog Stopwatch on iPhone

The iPhone Stopwatch feature is widely used by many people for everything from exercise, cooking, games, timers, health, and anything else requiring timing of durations.

You can switch the appearance of the Stopwatch in Clock app on iPhone to an analog face, complete with a standard watch face with moving watch hands. Analog stopwatches are preferred by many people, whether used for taking a pulse or interval timing workouts, amongst endless other use cases.

Like so many features on iPhone, the analog stopwatch face is hidden, tucked behind the digital stopwatch face, and it’s just as easy to overlook as it is to access.

How to Access Analog Stopwatch on iPhone
Switching from the digital face to the analog face is super easy:

Open the Clock app on iPhone
Go to the “Stopwatch” tab at the bottom
Swipe left on the digital stopwatch to switch stopwatch faces to the analog stopwatch

You’ll find the same Start, Lap, and Reset options as usual, and the recording of the laps remains the same as well. All use of stopwatch functionality remains the same whether you use the analog face or the digital face.

The Clock app is one of the most simple but widely used apps, whether you’re setting an alarm with the Clock app on iPhone, using the world clock, or setting a timer.

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How to Use the Analog Stopwatch on iPhone

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