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How to turn off in-app purchases for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to block in-app purchases on your or your child’s iPhone and iPad to prevent unwanted purchases.

Why disable in-app purchases?
If you have a kid that uses your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and if you don’t want to get a bad surprise, it might be a good idea to restrict in-app purchases. This will ensure they don’t make these purchases accidentally, even if their fingerprint or Face ID is added to the device!

Plus, turning off in-app purchases on your device will prevent you from making a purchase accidentally in the heat of the moment.

How to block in-app purchases
1) Open the Settings app on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and tap Screen Time.

If Screen Time is off, tap Turn On Screen Time > Turn On Screen Time > This is My iPhone/iPad or This is My Child’s iPhone/iPad. If it’s your device, tap Use Screen Time Passcode and set a passcode. And if it’s your child’s device, continue the setup and add a Parent Passcode when you reach that screen.

Tip: Set a Screen Time passcode that is different from the device passcode. You can share the device passcode with your kids, but don’t let them know the Screen Time passcode.

2) Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions, and from the next screen, enable the switch for Content & Privacy Restrictions.

3) Tap iTunes & App Store Purchases. Enter the Screen Time Passcode if asked.

4) Pick In-app Purchases from the list of restrictions and set it to Don’t Allow.

You have successfully blocked in-app transactions from apps on this device.

From now on, no one will be able to make in-app purchases on your device, including you. That means if you want to make an in-app purchase, you’ll have to go back to the Screen Time settings and turn on in-app purchases.

Trying to make an in-app purchase will now give you an error message saying: In-app purchases are not allowed.

On Apple TV
Go to Settings > General > Restrictions. If that’s your first time here, select Restrictions to turn the feature on. Then, create a four-digit passcode and select OK.
Under the iTunes Store heading, choose your level or protection for purchases, rentals, and in-app purchases made on the iTunes Store and the tvOS App Store. You can select Allow to lift all purchasing restrictions, Restrict to require a simpler four-digit restrictions passcode for purchases rather than your Apple ID password, or Block to disable all purchases.
Tip: Settings for Purchase & Rental apply to App Store downloads, content subscriptions, in-app purchases, and iTunes movie, TV show, and music purchases.

On Mac
You can’t block in-app purchases on Mac, but it can be used to turn it off on your or your family member’s iOS devices.

Click the Apple icon  and choose System Settings or System Preferences.
Select Screen Time and make sure it’s turned on.
Go to Content & Privacy and switch it on.
Now, click Store Restrictions.
Finally, turn off the switch for Allow In-app Purchases and click Done.

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How to turn off in-app purchases for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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