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How to Open 7z Files on iPhone & iPad

7Z files are yet another compression format used to bundle files and transfer them online, so it’s not terribly unusual to run into 7Z or 7-zip files that you need to open on an iPhone or iPad.

Unlike opening regular zip files on iPhone or iPad via Files app, extracting and opening 7z/7zip files will require the use of a third party tool on the iOS/iPadOS device.

How to Open 7z Files on iPhone & iPad
For the purposes here, you can use either WinZip or iZip to open 7z files on your iPhone or iPad. The apps both work for opening 7z files so which you pick is up to you.

We’re going to assume the 7z file is saved to your iPhone or iPad, or iCloud Drive, within the Files app. If you have not done that already, make sure you do that.

Download either WinZip or iZip to your iPhone or iPad and install that to your device
Launch iZip
Tap on “Document Browser”
Locate the 7z file in your file system and tap on it
Tap Yes that you want to open the file, then tap to confirm that you wish to unzip all files from the 7z file
Extracted files will appear in the same directory as the original 7z file
How to Open 7zip Files from Email, Messages, etc on iPhone & iPad
Again, make sure you have either WinZip or iZip installed on your iPhone or iPad before proceeding.

Locate the 7zip file you want to open and tap on it
Tap and hold the 7zip file until a menu appears, then choose “Open In”
Select WinZip or iZip from the available options to open the 7z file
That’s it! Now you know two different ways you can open 7z files on iPhone or iPad.

If you’re already familiar with opening RAR files on iPhone or iPad by using third party tools, then the 7z file extraction process will be familiar to you, and you may be even using the same app to do so.

This obviously covers iOS and iPadOS, but opening 7z files on Mac, or RAR files on the Mac, is also possible.

Generally speaking, 7z has better compression than zip, but opening zip files is much easier on iPhone or iPad, or basically any device, since it’s a more universally supported archive file format.

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