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How to change your Apple ID on iPhone

How to change your Apple ID on iPhone

This is a key bit of information, but you’re able to change it fairly easily with these steps.


Your Apple ID is a key bit of information as you navigate the world of Apple’s devices and services, and is part of what ties everything together in its ecosystem.

However, because your Apple ID is tied to an email address, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to change it, not least if you stop using the email address in question. Here’s how to do just that, all on your iPhone.

What is an Apple ID
Apple ID is just a nice bit of Apple branding really, a label for your login details on Apple’s many services, from iCloud to the App Store.

It’s an email address paired with a password, therefore, which shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Change Apple ID on iPhone
Changing your Apple ID is very doable, but it’s worth understanding that doing so will log you out of every device that your Apple ID is connected to, since you’ll be changing its credentials.

This can mean some legwork so be sure that you’re ready for it before going ahead and following the steps below. You’ll also only be able to assign an email address that isn’t being used by another Apple ID.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone Tap on your name at the top of the menu Tap on Name, Phone Numbers, Email Under your name, tap Edit near the top-right of the display Tap the red minus sign next to your existing email address Tap Delete When offered the chance to add a replacement email address, tap Continue Enter the new email address in the field offered, then hit Next Go to your email inbox and find the verification code to type into your phone Entering that code correctly will complete the process and assign your new email address to your account – so it’s really quite a painless process provided every step goes smoothly.


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