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Create beautiful timelapse videos from photos on your Galaxy phone

Samsung adds a lot of features on top of stock Android to make Galaxy smartphones and tablets more useful for users. Every year, the company releases two major software updates, each with new features and updated stock apps. With One UI 4.1, the company released a new feature that lets you turn images into beautiful 24-hour time-lapse videos.

To use this feature, you would need a mid-range or high-end Samsung phone that’s running Android 12 and One UI 4.1. It isn’t available on low-end devices running One UI Core 4.1 (or newer). This feature is built into the stock Gallery app on compatible Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

How to turn photos into time-lapse videos on your Galaxy phone
To turn photos into 24-hour time-lapse videos, open the stock Gallery app on your phone and find an image of a landscape scene. Yes, not all images can be turned into time-lapse videos. Samsung says that it works with “pictures of scenery including the sky, bodies of water, mountains, or cities.”

To check if a picture can be converted to a time-lapse video, see if there’s a clock-shaped icon on the bottom right part of the screen (as shown in the screenshots below). Now, click that icon, and wait for a few seconds till the phone converts that image into a 24-hour time-lapse video.

Once the image is converted into a time-lapse video, you can either Share it with others through different apps or Save To Gallery to use it later. If you are not happy with the result, you can click Remove to delete the video. These videos are saved in Full HD resolution and a frame rate of 20fps.

You can see some of the results below. This feature mostly works with images of landscape videos where the sky covers around half (or more) of the scene, though there’s no way to be certain if it will work with a particular image other than testing it yourself by opening various kinds of pictures on your device, so go ahead and give it a whirl!



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Create beautiful timelapse videos from photos on your Galaxy phone

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