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AirPods or AirPods Case Not Charging? How to Fix!

While Apple AirPods are truly the best true wireless earbuds available in the market, they can also experience some glitches. And one of the most common issues many AirPods users face is the inability to charge their AirPods case or one earbud properly. so, in this guide, we have detailed the best methods you can employ chronologically to fix the AirPods case not charging issue. We have also added six simple ways to fix the AirPods not charging issue.

Top 5 Ways to Fix AirPods Case Not Charging

You should always charge your AirPods case when the status light on the case turns red, and if the status light does not turn green even after charging the case for a few hours, then try all the solutions stated below-

1. Remove and Reinsert the Charging Cable

The first and foremost way to solve the AirPods case not charging issue is removing and reinserting the charging cable into the lightning port of the case. When you reinsert the charging cable, the charging light should appear.

You can also use your iPhone to check the charging status of both AirPods and the case. If this doesn’t solve the issue, repeat the process twice or thrice before moving to the next solution.

2. Try Another Lightning Cable or Adapter

So you tried removing and reinserting the charging cable, but the issue persist. To confirm that the lightning port on the AirPods case is not malfunctioning, try using another lightning cable or adapter, or you can also use a wireless charging pad. And if this method, too, does not solve the issue of AirPods case not charging, try cleaning the charging port.

Image Courtesy: Apple

3. Clean the Lightning Port

The charging port on your AirPods can easily attract dust and debris to accumulate in it, resulting in an improper connection between the charging port and the lightning cable. The solution? Cleaning the charging port to remove dust using the right tools. You can refer to our detailed guide on how to clean the charging port on your iPhone and apply the same methods here as well.

4. Reset Your AirPods

Like any other electronic device, the most common solution to all issues in AirPods is to restart or reset them. Resetting your AirPods will only remove your AirPods from the paired device while keeping all the settings intact. And if you need assistance in resetting your AirPods, check our guide on how to reset AirPods.

5. Update Your AirPods

The last method you can try to solve the AirPods case not charging is to update the AirPods to the latest firmware version. Updating your AirPods to the latest firmware might help resolve the not charging issue. AirPods update automatically when connected to iPhone and the case is charging. For detailed steps, refer to our article on how to update your AirPods.

Top 6 Ways to Fix AirPods Not Charging

If you believe that your AirPods case is charging but AirPods still show low battery even when you take them out, we have got your back. Below, we have detailed a list of methods you can use to fix the AirPods not charging issue –

1. Remove and Reinsert AirPods in the Case

The easiest way to fix any charging issue is to remove one AirPod and reinsert it in the charging case, close the lid, and open it again. To ensure both the AirPods are charging, check if the charging light goes on or use the paired iPhone to view the charging battery level and indicator.

2. Charge the AirPods Case

There needs to be sufficient battery charge available on the charging case to charge the AirPods. A flat battery on the charging case could be why your AirPods are not charging. You will see an amber light on the AirPods case when you remove AirPods from it, indicating that the battery level on the case is low. And if no light shows up, the battery on the case is dead. Try placing AirPods in the case and then charging both AirPods and the case together until they are good to go.

3. Clean the Charging Connectors

Like the charging port, dust can also accumulate on the AirPods charging connectors inside the case, which can cause hindrance in the connection between the charging case and the AirPods. Use a cotton swab to clean the charging connectors in the case gently, then reinsert the AirPods.

4. Clean the AirPods

Sometimes, the charging case won’t detect the AirPods if the charging contacts on the AirPods are dirty. To solve this issue, carefully clean your AirPods, and the problem will probably be resolved.

5. Reset and Update AirPods

As stated above, resetting and updating the AirPods can solve any issues you are facing with them. Updating the AirPods will rule out any bugs or glitches from the previous firmware. Resetting AirPods can solve software issues that might be causing the AirPods not charging issue.

Tried everything, and your AirPods charging case or the AirPods are still not charging? There is a high chance of a manufacturing defect or physical damage on your AirPods, and in that case, we suggest you seek professional help by visiting an Apple Support Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why my AirPods case is not showing any light? If there is no status light on your AirPods, the battery is completely drained.
Are AirPods waterproof? Unfortunately, no, Apple AirPods are just water resistant, not waterproof.


AirPods or AirPods Case Not Charging? How to Fix!

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