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2 methods to bypass verify pin after reset on Android devices

Why is My Phone Asking For a Pin After Factory Reset?
FRP (Factory Reset Protection) is a clever security measure to protect the data of your phone from being stolen. Anyone who steals your phone can’t use it without knowing your Verify Pin or Google account credentials – even after doing a factory reset. But sometimes Google FRP can be a nuisance when you are locked out of your own phone – because you bought it second-hand or performed a Factory Reset for example.

How to Bypass “Verify Pin” After Factory Reset?
“I factory reset my phone and now I’m locked out” is a familiar refrain on the search pages. But there’s no way to reset an Android phone to factory settings without a passcode. The simplest way to bypass verify pin after factory reset is to call help from the original owner. And while this is the ideal solution, it’s not always achievable. Fear not, we’re here to tell you 2 methods to bypass the verify pin after factory reset.

Method 1: Bypass Verify Pin after reset by Tenorshare FRP Bypass Solution

It’s surprisingly straightforward to bypass Verify Pin after reset on your Samsung with a foremost FRP bypass solution. There are numerous similar Samsung FRP Bypass tools to bypass verify PIN after factory reset, but Tenorshare FRP bypass solution is right up there with the best of them. It’s user-friendly, feature-packed, and virus-free, and it boasts an excellent success rate. Without further ado, let’s look at what should we do if the phone is factory reset still asking for passcode.

Click “Next”. Then, tap ‘OK’ to enable USB debugging if a pop-up appears. Next, 4uKey (Android) will begin to bypass verify pin. Finally, the verify pin would be removed within seconds.

Method 2: Call help from the Merchant or the Support Center

If you’ve found yourself staring glumly at a phone that’s ordering you to verify PIN after factory reset, in addition to heading to the Tenorshare 4uKey for Android to get help, getting help from the retailer or bringing it to the support center may be another good choice. But there can be no denying that they would use a third-party FRP bypass tool, just like Tenorshare 4uKey for Android.

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2 methods to bypass verify pin after reset on Android devices

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